Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs


Although it may seem strange, fruits and vegetables may be part of your dog’s diet. However, carnivorous dogs need to consume meat as their main food source in order to be healthy.


Are dogs omnivorous?

 In fact, unlike wolves, dogs have genes that enable them to digest starch and grain . The reason for this is that the ancestors of dogs, wolves, are fed from animal and vegetable residues.

In fact, most of the dog food you buy at the market includes vegetables and cereals. However, fresh fruit and vegetables should only account for 10% of your dog’s diet or should be given as a reward only.


Even if dogs can eat these foods, their digestive systems and jaws are designed to eat meat.

 Consumption of vegetables for dogs


Interesting for dogs There are many vegetables and with these vegetables you can make your dog’s diet more attractive and nutritious. Among these vegetables, green leafy ones contain abundant fiber and antioxidants, such as spinach and cabbage.


Can be consumed raw and cooked.


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On the other hand, carrots are very enjoyable for dogs to eat because they can snap carrots like bones. Bones are not recommended by experts but carrots are very useful for dental health .


It is very useful for your dog because of the antioxidants and vitamins in peas, beans and even celery.


These fruits and vegetables that your dog may like very much include pumpkin ; constipation is very good.


You may also prefer potatoes, but you must cook it before consuming the potato because of the poisonous substance solanin , even for the people it contains.



You can make meatball and vegetable rice with all these vegetables and meats like chicken. These foods are also perfect for eliminating allergies.


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 Fruit consumption for dogs
 Among fruits , antioxidant content is high in berry fruits such as blackberries and blueberries . Apricots and peaches will improve your animal’s bowel movements, but remember to remove the seeds.

Watermelon and melon may like your dog, but you should remove the seeds to avoid damaging your dog. Pears and apples are also useful fruits for your dog if consumed safely.

 Tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, mango or medlar may also be useful for your dog. However, you should be careful not to give your dog more than these fruits.

 Be careful about the consumption of fruits and vegetables

Although your dog can consume vegetables and fruits, most experts are not sure if they are necessary. So, give your dog only the soft parts of the seedless, thoroughly washed fruit.


Keep in mind that you should give your dog these foods from time to time. It is not even necessary to consume in a balanced diet. Remember, most fruits and vegetables are poisonous, so don’t give your dog what you think is unreliable!









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