Fun Games and Activities for Dogs


Dogs are very energetic animals. So, they can entertain themselves with everything they find. However, this does not mean that they will not be bored. In this article, we have listed some fun games and activities for you to have more fun with your dog.


Fun Games and Activities for Dogs


Like humans, animals can get bored of doing the same thing all the time. Therefore, you can start playing fun games that will delight your furry friend and stimulate him physically and mentally.


There are many different games and activities that dogs enjoy playing. But you may not know which one your dog will like the most.


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Height, weight, and even breed can be effective in choices that dogs will enjoy playing. With that in mind, you can start playing!


Simple Activities


Games and activities don’t have to be complicated and difficult. You don’t even have to go to the pet shop to get a new toy. You can even entertain your dog with simple objects that you bring with you on your daily walks .


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So first, you need to find an area or park where your dog can run comfortably. However, you should not leave your eyes.


Once you find the ideal zone, no one can hold you.


Playing with the stick


Most dogs enjoy searching for and throwing back their owners. With such a simple activity they have the opportunity to practice both obedience and exercise.


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 Playing with Frisbee

The only difference from this previous activity is that it is made with frisbee .


This causes dogs to run faster and make more effort to reach the speed of the frisbee and take them back to their owners.


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Before playing with the Frisbee, you should consider the size of your dog. A larger dog will enjoy playing frisbee more than a small dog.


Likewise, an athletic dog will enjoy the game more than a calm race.

 Storing objects

Another simple game is to test your dog’s sense of smell. All you have to do is show your dog a prize food and hide it somewhere. Your dog will find and eat food with pleasure.


You can make this game fun by hiding the prize in a more difficult place every time.


köpek ve ödül


The best way to keep the prize is to keep your dog entertained with a different activity, such as a frisbee or a ball. You can then store the prize under dry leaves, in your bag or other objects.


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Playing with other dogs


If you think your dog is good enough, this activity is for your dog! The game will be very happy to find friends.


koşan köpekler


This also helps your dog socialize with other dogs. This will also reduce their level of stress and anxiety .

 Exercises for obedience to orders

There are many simple exercises that you can read in most animal blogs or magazines. You should be clear and patient when ordering your dog . That way you don’t freak them out and confuse them.


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 Complex or mobile sports


There are a variety of sports options to test your dog’s senses and natural abilities . This will also test you as an owner and allow you to exercise.

 Dog Agility Training

Agility training is a set of obstacle jumping races where your dog jumps or crawls from obstacles quickly and accurately.


Likewise, by seeing how much you can speak to your dog, you test your leadership and patience.


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There are races that we can call the cut-out for such activities; Border Collie or Brittany Spaniel. If you make an effort, you can be successful in national and even international competitions.


What do you think? Are you up for a try?

 Mantrailing / Odor molecule trace tracking

This is very similar to the activity of storing objects. However, this time your dog has to find a person using his senses .


Your dog must follow the smell by following the smell that a person smells from his clothing.


bavulu koklayan köpek


In the same way, you can put other objects in place of clothing. Just like dogs in airports do in case of suspicious or dangerous suitcases.


Of course, you will be looking for less harmful items in your case!


Cross-country running


sahibiyle koşan köpekler


The cone run is the activity of running your dog as much as possible. You can do this alone to train your dog.


Cone runs are held around the world for different modern races.


Here, we have given you different ideas for fun games and events. You can start trying one from tomorrow!









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