Games You Can Play With Your Puppy


Below we will talk about 16 different games that you can play with your puppy. These games will help them learn how to communicate with others and grow healthy.


In the first three months of his life, puppies develop their concentration, intelligence, and sense of smell and hearing. Their relationship with their owners and their social skills also strengthen in these times.


We can say that playing games is a useful tool in training dogs. The games we will talk about in this article will help your puppy improve their relationship with their environment and understand their limits. It will also help prevent bad temper, such as excessive barking or shredding.

 Games that can be played together


  • Hide and Seek your puppy hearing , smell is an ideal game to improve the concentration with the senses. This requires two people, one to hide and the other to give instructions to the dog during his call. The hiding person calls the dog by name and is rewarded if the dog finds it. köpek oyunları

  • Another game is to store food by putting food. Store food in different places, put various obstacles that your dog can jump over and jump on the way. And when the dog finds the object and food you’re hiding, it’s his reward.

  • Puppies learn to follow instructions by playing cover games. This game involves hiding food under a lid or under a small bottle and putting two more of the same lid or bottle (but empty) next to it. The puppy should find out which lid has food under the bottle. This game requires the dog to use the senses of observation and smell.

  • Teaching a dog to give paws is both easy and difficult. Oral encouragement and reward are very necessary in this game; and this strengthens the relationship between the owner and the dog. Lying on the floor together or teaching him to sit when he is called “sit down an is also fun. These games teach your dog to control himself and follow the instructions.


Silent games


Of all these games you can play with your puppy , the dog’s attention to help develop one step forward. After all, these games are essential in the animal’s learning process.


On the one hand, involves walking your dog by wearing the silent games collar. When the owner stops, the dog stops. The owner’s foot determines when the dog should stop and continue. This also improves coordination.


On the other hand, it is necessary to know that there may be significant changes in this process, even at the door. This game also prevents worries that may occur especially in indoor dogs. This anxiety can sometimes cause undesirable behavior, such as diarrhea, vomiting or shredding.


The game includes opening the door and telling the puppy to wait until the owner leaves the door. This should be repeated at least seven times. The aim is that the dog learns to wait calmly until the owner leaves. If he is successful in the game, the dog should be rewarded with oral congratulations or a favorite food.


Finding newspapers and other goods


An interesting game is that the puppy learns to carry a backpack while walking. Another activity that runs dogs’ brains is to try to get them to bring a newspaper in their mouths [194590016] .


Another stimulating and entertaining game is the “chaser”. This game requires a tie of one meter to the end of a long stick and a stuffed toy to its end. Then you must hide and shake this toy so that the animal can see it. The puppy will concentrate on the toy and try to catch it with his mouth. This game can also be played with a simple rope.


köpek oyunları


Calming sounds, frisbee and laser light


It is both easy to calm a dog with sounds, and it makes him feel better when he is alone . Wolf howl, flying bird sounds, barking dogs or sounds of farm animals activate and comfort the puppy’s brain.


Likewise, it’s a good idea to put a big box in the middle of a room. So he can go in and hide at any time, or put things in there, go in and out. You can also play this game with him as if you were another dog.


Also, discovering new friends, dogs or people, and smelling them stimulates the intelligence of a dog . If the dog loves a stranger (or guest), he will surely show it.


Teaching puppies to catch a frisbee is also interesting. This game is another way to play with your dog, it also helps him improve his coordination skills.


In addition, searching for a ball is among the most entertaining games. You just have to be a little patient [194590011] and repeat this game until your puppy learns not only to hold the ball but also to take it back. Then, it is essential to reward her with caressing, beautiful words or gifts.


Finally, also works because you can have a laser light circulating around and having your dog try to catch it . In addition to being fun, also helps keep your dog’s senses active.









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