Gençlik Hastalığı: Belirtileri, Tedavisi ve Enfeksiyonu


Youth disease is one of the most deadly diseases for dogs. It affects both the respiratory and digestive systems, and in later cases may affect the nervous system. In this article, you can learn about the symptoms, treatment and infection of this disease.


How does youth disease develop?


Youth disease is a virus of the paramyxoviridae virus – the same virus causes measles. Affects domestic dogs, jackals, foxes, wolves, prairie wolves and raccoons.


Although it cannot be transmitted to humans, it is a highly contagious disease among animals and can endanger their lives. It mainly affects puppies and older dogs because they do not have very strong immune systems.


The best way to avoid this infectious disease is to keep your pet’s compulsory vaccination program up to date. There is a specific vaccine that treats the virus, but it is not 100% effective.


How does youth disease spread?


When an animal infected with a youth disease coughs, sneezes or is found only in one place, it releases virus particles into the air . If a healthy dog ​​enters this area and breathes microorganisms through it, it can become infected.


Furthermore, if the infected dog eats or drinks water and then another dog uses the same container, the second dog is at risk of infection. This means that any dog ​​is at risk of infection. However, if the vaccines are up-to-date, there is little likelihood of developing this disease.


It is important to know that pups are vulnerable to infection because they have not yet been fully vaccinated. Furthermore, will not be able to protect them with milk if their mother has not been vaccinated.



Small dogs are not yet strong enough to deal with a virus of this magnitude. This also applies to elderly or sick dogs.


 Symptoms of youth disease

When the virus enters the animal’s body, the incubation period lasts approximately two weeks. Symptoms will appear after this time.


gençlik hastalığı belirtileri


The first sign of this disease is watery or yellowish and purulent discharge in the eyes and nostrils. Then, the animal’s fever will start, coughing, weakness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and even paw pad thickening.



When the disease reaches an advanced stage, it can seize the body and weaken the nervous system. This can cause spasms, seizures, partial or complete paralysis.



It is important to know that most of the dogs with youth disease will not survive. The small number that survives will have many health and behavioral problems due to damage to the nervous system.


Is there any treatment for youth disease?


Unfortunately, there is no complete cure for this disease after entering the animal’s body, so it is useless to vaccinate them at this point.


aşılanan yavru köpek


It is important that you take your pet to the vet when you see the first sign of any health problem. The veterinarian will be responsible for testing and diagnosing them. Treatment is applied to relieve symptoms and prevent disease progression. It also helps to reduce dehydration and prevent new infections.


In addition to antibiotics, vitamin supplements can help improve some symptoms. If your dog is diagnosed with youth disease, you should do your best to understand the course of the disease, and if necessary, the veterinarian will recommend euthanasia to prevent the animal from suffering.


Vaccination is the only way to prevent a dog from catching a disease of youth. The appropriate period for the vaccination is from the first six to eight weeks. Then they should take it annually for the rest of their lives. In addition, females should be vaccinated while pregnant. As they say, prevention is the best treatment.









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