Getting Your Puppy Home


Innovation means uncertainty for most people. We get stressed and even scared. This also happens to our pets. Well, do you know what you have to do to get your puppy home?


What you can do to accustom the new puppy to the house


Bringing a new puppy to your home may be welcomed with joy among the family. However, for the animal, this is a completely different situation and they may not know what to do without your help.


There are several tips you can follow to get your puppy home accustomed. You can’t expect this to happen within minutes. This is a process that takes days. So don’t worry and be patient .


Give your time


It is very normal for your very cute and tiny friend to become a family favorite. You want to embrace him, educate and love him when he calls. But be patient, be calm and give them time.


You will have plenty of time to train and love your dog . Imagine. He will feel awkward because he doesn’t know you, and he will want to smell, examine and know where to live. Leave them a little. If there are children in the house, also tell them to leave them alone.


Prepare your house


Before bringing your puppy home, you must prepare your dog’s location in advance. The location of the food and water container and bed should be determined.


golden yavrusu


As soon as you bring your kitten home, carry it on your lap and leave it next to the food and water bowl. In this way, he will learn that they belong to him and can drink. He may even be thirsty when they get home.


Then, show the bearing . You may love it when you discover your bed. But, as we said before, if he wants to go somewhere else, let him go because that is part of the process.

 Introduce to your family

If there are people in the house, introduce everyone to the puppy one at a time . Make sure that this meeting takes place without being polite and in an ally. Anyone can hug, love and whisper gently.


If there are too many people in the house, it is more accurate to introduce them in groups. This way you don’t intimidate the dog.


Don’t make too much noise if you want to get used to the house


Be careful not to relocate items or to throw a party at home in the first days of the pup. Remember that dogs have routines and can only obtain routines in quiet environments.


Protect from any danger


The puppy is like a baby ; their curiosity is their biggest weakness. Everything is new to them. That’s why they want to explore, smell, know, see and touch everything.


If you think that there is cleaning material in the house or anything that might harm it, , take your precaution. You’re going to have to keep an eye on him so that nothing happens to him.


yavruları eve alıştırmak


Most importantly, collect all the cables under the foot. If necessary, install it with the safety locks you have installed in the sockets when there is a baby at home. All the precautions you can take are important. By training over time, you can thoroughly teach him what to touch and what to touch.

 Getting accustomed to the house takes time: be patient

Obviously it will take time for both of you to get used to it. Since he is not yet big enough to go out, he will have to meet his needs at home . So instead of scolding him, put the newspaper around the house. So he can flush the newspaper until he’s big enough to get out.


Don’t scold him even when he pooped out of newspapers . This undermines his confidence in you and may develop a feeling of fear instead of love for you. But there is nothing to worry about. Over time, he will learn to go outside and to chew your shoes.


When you bring a new puppy home, you must be prepared to face some difficulties. We think these tips will help you.









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