Give Your Dog Sand Container Training


In general, cats come to life in people’s minds when they are called sand containers. Most dog owners, however, provide sandbox training to their animals. A very practical and hygienic option, the sandbox is ideal for dogs that are left alone at home while their family is at work.


How do dogs receive sandbox training?


It may seem strange to give dogs a sandbox training, but it is not much different than the training given when teaching house rules. Provides pets with proper hygiene and a healthier environment at home.


Remember to make positive reinforcements while respecting your dog’s learning process . Whatever you teach your dog, give positive feedback to appreciate your dog’s efforts and reinforce his learning .


Evil or violent methods have the opposite effect and hurt your pet; Positive reinforcers are always the most effective method.


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Follow these steps to teach your dog sandbox


1. Select the right container for your dog


Since most containers are designed for cats, it is important to choose the appropriate size container for your dog. Your dog must have a sandbox that provides safety and comfort when flushing. Likewise, your dog must be wide enough to turn 360 ° in the sandbox.


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2. Select the type of sand


There are many varieties in sand selection. The latest options include coal chunks, while the cheapest options include clay. There are also fragrant sands but are not recommended because some dogs do not like it and sometimes develop allergic reactions.


Unlike cat litter , dog sands contain larger larger grains of sand to increase absorbency. However, you can add a teaspoon of carbonate or activated charcoal to the sand so that your home does not smell bad.


On sand cleaning and maintenance, feces should be cleaned daily and the container disinfected once or twice a week.


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3. Show your dog the sand container


Once you have selected the sand container, you should position it nicely in your home. Stay away from the crowded areas of the house to give your pet some privacy.


In addition, should be a well-ventilated place to avoid the accumulation of bad odor . When you place the sandbox in the right place, you should show it to your dog.


Make your dog wonder by letting him smell the sandbox. So it won’t scare the sandbox later. Then, insert the toy into the container and give a clear command such as kullan use the container [ and give a reward (reward formula, applause, toy).


4. Associate the sand container with physiological needs


If your dog has already used the sandbox, you have to relate it to its physiological need. To achieve this, smear a wet piece of paper into the feces or urine and place it in the sand. This way, your dog can learn that you can meet the toilet needs here.


Every time your dog uses the sandbox correctly, it is very important to give a reward. Treat this behavior positively and encourage him to continue this behavior. Never punish him because your dog has flushed the toilet!


Over time your dog will learn to use the sandbox correctly. It is very important to be patient and loving during education.









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