Going on holiday with your dog: Make your summer plans


Taking a holiday with your dog is a great thing. His presence will make the trip even more special. Would you like to know why?


Why is it a good idea to go on holiday with your dog?


You don’t have to worry about your dog


The owners love their pets as if they were their children . Hence, leaving them alone while you are having a good time is not fun for anyone. When you leave your pet at home, you constantly wonder whether it is in good condition and miss it very much.


Leaving your dog at home only makes you worry and prevents you from enjoying your trip. You can avoid this if you go on holiday with your dog. Your dog will be at peace with you. Ultimately, hotels and restaurants and shopping centers that accept pets are becoming increasingly common.


You probably saw people on social media sharing fun pictures of their pets. Some of them have many followers because of their authenticity and the funny poses they make with their pets. Can you imagine your pet as a social media star?


You can also go on vacation with your dog, saving the most fun moments you will spend with them. Take this decision without thinking, because it’s a great idea to have a holiday with your dog.


You will make new friends


Who doesn’t love a cute puppy? If you take them to a place where tourists visit, your job is even more difficult. It is not common for people to go on vacation with their dogs, so you will be very popular and everyone will want to meet your little dog friend.


Eventually, you will meet other tourists and even local people. This will allow you to have fun times. You can meet new friends and or even find the love of your life – who knows? Everything is possible.


köpeğinizle tatile çıkmak için plan yapmak

 Tips for going on holiday with your dog

Taking a holiday with your dog is a great decision, given all its advantages. But when making this decision, you should consider a few things to experience a good travel experience. Some of these are:




Keep in mind that even if you do not travel abroad, all of your dog’s must be vaccinated . Microchips and documents will also be required if requested by the airline or hotel. In addition, if you are going to another country, the police may ask for such documents.




If you go abroad, your pet may need a passport . You can ask your veterinary clinic to issue a passport. It’s not too expensive.


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Don’t forget to get everything your dog needs on the journey. You will probably need to use a carrier, whether you are traveling by car, train or plane. Bringing their food and water will help them cope with changes in their routine and avoid stress.


tatile çıkarken köpeğinizin eşyalarını almak


Toys , their favorite foods and beds (if possible) are what your dog needs when going on vacation. Animals need routines, making the journey as comfortable as possible. This is the best way to deal with the changes.

 Leash and harness

A leash and harness are very important to go on holiday with your dog. Although you are used to walking your dog without leash in the place you live, your animal may disappear when released in foreign places . So never leave your dog without a leash.


Choose a place you like


Once you have decided to go on holiday with your dog, choose a place you like and enjoy. It can be an outdoor area, such as a beach with dogs, or a tourist center. Nobody knows your dog better than you. You know where to have the most fun. So, make a wise choice!


If going out on holiday with your dog is something you never had the courage to date, you should know that as long as you plan ahead and make an effort, it will be very special for both of you. Have fun!









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