Grain Foods for Dogs


Gluten intolerance has become increasingly common in recent years. Although most people do, some people are obsessed with this issue. They even suggest that animals have gluten intolerance . There are even non-cereal foods for dogs with gluten intolerance. Are these necessary?


Why are there no cereals for dogs?


There was a rational explanation for the fact that firms started producing grain-free food. “If dogs come from wolves and wolves cannot consume cereals, then dogs should not consume them.”

 Everybody knows that wolves are the ancestors of dogs . However, they evolved particularly in the process of living with people and becoming domesticated . This caused some changes in their bodies such as digestive systems.

Non-cereal foods were produced for dogs with some gluten intolerance . However, there is no such thing that all dogs should avoid gluten. According to research, as a result of the evolution mentioned above, dogs can digest carbohydrates found in cereals.


In fact, dogs have been consuming cereals in their BARF diets and dog food since they started living with humans.


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What do you think about dog food?


Some people think that carbohydrates cause obesity in dogs . For this reason, most dog owners prefer grain-free food to keep their dog’s weight under control.


However, the fact that dog food is grainless does not mean that it does not contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are one of the main ingredients in the preparation of dog food; shapes the food. Carbohydrate-free food is similar to cake without flour.


Moreover, carbohydrates in the content of cereals are complex. So, is easy to consume and digest because they are natural . A dog who regularly exercises and feeds can keep his weight and does not have any health problems.


However, other carbohydrates used in cereal foods can be difficult to digest because they are artificial. These can turn into oil and lead to what you are trying to avoid. They come from potatoes, sweet potatoes or legumes such as chickpeas or lentils.


If your dog does not have gluten intolerance but you still want him to stay away from cereal, keep in mind that wolves do not consume any of these foods before. If your goal is to feed your dog like that of your ancestors, it would be irrational to give such dog food.


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 Obviously, if your dog has a gluten shortage and you don’t want to give him the BARF diet , you can adopt such a diet. It is best to consult your vet and get advice for your dog’s diet.


Do dogs have allergies?


Today, only Seter breed dogs are thought to have gluten intolerance. All known cases belong to this race. For other allergies, it is estimated that only 10% are related to food . Among these, the place of gluten is almost negligible.


Therefore, if your dog has not been diagnosed with gluten intolerance , it makes no sense to give your dog cereal food. If you want a healthy and balanced diet of your dog, you should pay attention to this.


If you choose grain-free food, you should choose good quality. Although they are more expensive, they are prepared to meet most quality standards.


Remember that the BARF method is always the healthiest for a healthy diet!









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