Guiding Your Dog on Daily Walks


In today’s article, we will share tips for guiding and controlling your dog on daily walks.


We have surely witnessed dogs hanging on a leash or darting without ever having to wear their owner. There are also dogs barking for no reason and trying to attack other animals.


Let’s learn how to guide your dog on walks, let’s learn together!


Guiding Your Dog on Walks: Basic Rules


If you have bought a new puppy and started taking him for walks, you must follow some rules to make your walks fun and easy.


1.Lock and belt


Leash is required for young dogs without walking experience. In this way, your dog will not get too far away from you; you will be able to control it comfortably.


At first, it will probably pull the collar. But with patience and self-sacrifice, you can make him walk with you as needed.


In some cases, it may be necessary to use a collar to avoid injury.




An important issue for anyone who wants to spend quality time with their dogs. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a Shar Pei or a Dalmatian, he needs to know you’re in control.


When he walks in this way, you can reward him with a reward formula for his correct behavior.


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3. Calm


It is important to remember that animals can understand human emotions. So when you are calm your pet will also be calm.


Avoid exciting him with words like im Shall we go for a walk?..


Walk calmly, he will do the same!


4. Patience


Giving instructions to your dog is not a simple task. It needs time, commitment and influence.


You will see the consequences of being patient.


If you encourage them, they will try harder on the next march .


5th Prize


How else can you show that you are satisfied with the behavior of your dog?


It does not have to be a biscuit or an edible prize . You can love them, say nice words or play games with them.


Instructing your dog by removing the collar


Once your dog has achieved all this and is ready for this stage, you can move on to the next level.


Running your dog without a leash may seem impossible but it is not.
The most beautiful is that when your dog masters and appreciates the freedom of leash, your walking together will be even more beautiful.


While working on this situation, you should gradually release them.


You can use the straps that extend a few meters. Thus, you actually have control over your dog while you think you’re free.


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At this point, your dog will now understand that you are in control and must follow your instructions.


However, they may forget this small detail if they think there is danger in their vicinity (like any other dog).


At first, do not remove the collar, but also allow the dog to approach the destination slowly.


Observe their reactions and body language.


Be alert to the possibility that your dog may have to retreat.


It is not an easy task to instruct your dog on daily walks, but it may please both parties to learn to control the situation.


So these tips are worth learning!









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