Hazards to Avoid While Walking with Your Dog


Your dog needs daily walks. Your dog needs to exercise, but you should be aware that you may encounter some hazards during your walk. In this article, we will talk about how to avoid them when you encounter unwanted situations while walking your dog and some tips that will help your dog improve his behavior .


The Importance of Walking Your Dog and Possible Hazards


Every day your dog goes for a walk with you . This is undesirable, but your dog may face some kind of danger that we can avoid.




If you are going to go for a run or plan to walk your dog, you should carry a bottle of water with you so that your pet can quench when thirsty. If you do not do this, your dog may get tired quickly as a result of dehydration. But you can avoid it altogether.




You must adhere to the calendar of vaccines which you need to have your dog periodically. Since you go for a walk every day, your dog is much more vulnerable to viruses such as distemper and parvovirus.


Youth disease (Canine distemper), caused by a virus affecting the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract is a highly contagious disease . Often it can also affect the nervous systems of both puppies and adult dogs.


In puppies and young dogs, infections can be caused by exposure to virus-containing aerosols. These viruses can be transmitted through nasal secretions of other dogs or other infected street animals. Another way of transmitting the virus is through contact with stray animals.


The first symptoms of distemper are usually ocular congestion, watery discharge or inflammation of the eyes. In the second stage, the dog has symptoms of fever, runny nose, cough, drowsiness, decreased appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.


Dog Fights


When walking with your dog, you must be careful when passing other dogs that are aggressive . Thoroughly analyze where you are going to walk or where you need to move away to avoid possible danger. Watch out where you take your dog and make sure to walk around with a leash. This way, it will always be under your control and will not be exposed to the aggressive dogs around.

 Attacking Others

When walking with your dog, it is very important that he understands that you are the leader, and so when you say zaman sit down “it is very important that he do so. If not, start training your dog at home. Your dog should not perceive the other dogs he met during these walks as a fun thing, but as a threat, and he should associate walks with it. However, this requires training.


Noise Pollution


In order to help your dog not easily be afraid of the sounds on the street, with good socialization, it is important to undergo a process of adaptation to city life . If you haven’t done this, you should take your dog for a walk at very frequent intervals, let him see cars, hear sounds and explore his surroundings.


Remember that your dog learns to deal with other animals and is able to distinguish between children and adults, thanks to socialization. On the other hand, the moment a dog learns to ignore non-harmful environmental elements he will have learned it. This is why a dog accustomed to city life is not affected by the noise pollution of the city.


Hiking in the countryside with your dog


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If you decide to walk your dog in the countryside, your main problem will be distractions. Especially if you have a dog with a very advanced sense of smell. You have to be very careful not to lose your dog because they have a strong instinct to follow the hound dog breeds, because he will want to run after any animal he sees.


Interaction with People


Cycling during the city walks, skateboarders, pedestrians, etc. It is natural that your roads intersect with. Your furry friend should not be afraid when he encounters these. Likewise, others should not be afraid of your dog. To prevent both of these situations, your dog should start training while still a puppy and be sufficiently socialized to ensure that it behaves optimally in such situations.


Another point to remember is that as well as people who don’t like dogs, there is another section that fears them. These are the reasons to be respected and everyone has their own opinion. You should not let your dog jump on others and let them bark for attention. It is not enough to warn your dog not to do this – you should avoid unwanted encounters.









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