Health Warning: Toxic Foods for Dogs


Foods that are toxic to dogs


This is a list of foods that are poisonous to dogs, causing serious health problems in dogs. As responsible owners, it is our duty to know which foods are available and to keep our dogs away from them.



  • Chocolate
  •  Onions and garlic

  • Alcohol

  • Bone
  •  Sugar, candy and chewing gum
     Citrus fruits and other seed fruits

  • Milk




Chocolate is perhaps the most known toxic food for dogs. It contains theobromine , which can be extremely toxic to sweet animals and especially small animals and is highly popular among humans.


Köpek ve çikolata


Onions and garlic


Onions and garlic are frequently used in our meals, and most veterinarians recommend that these food residues not be given to pets. These similar foods are dangerous because they can cause anemia and various respiratory diseases.




Alcohol is a harmful drink even for humans. It will be very dangerous to give alcohol to our pets as they have a deadly effect on the inner organs of our furry friends . It is our responsibility as dog owners to take care of this.




In spite of the widespread appearance of a bone in dogs’ mouths, this is actually very dangerous. The risk of choking, indigestion, and especially poultry injuries due to penetrating bones such as needles is very high.


If you want to reward your dog with a bone, go to a pet shop and buy him a bone-shaped food made with natural, healthy food . There is a wide variety of foods specially designed for this.


Ağzında kemik tutan köpek


Sugar, candy and gum


You must absolutely prevent your dog from eating sugar. Giving sugar to a dog causes blindness or serious health problems that can go as far as diabetes . If your dog swallows a chewing gum, the danger becomes even greater because it contains xylitol.


Citrus fruits and other seed fruits


In general, citrus fruits are harmful to dogs , but they are even more harmful because they contain orange and lemon psoralen. Since dogs are acidic, they avoid these fruits.

 Particular attention should be paid to fruits containing seeds of cyanide as well as the risk of asphyxiation as well as the risk of asphyxiation among fruits with fruits .




Only people can drink milk even during adulthood. Dogs do not have enzymes that enable us to digest milk, so you should not give your pets food and drinks containing lactose.


More items can be added to this list. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ask your vet what food is appropriate for your pets. You should give them food, especially for animals.









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