Helping Dogs with Storm Fears


If your four-legged friend is afraid of bad noises such as lightning, thunder, you should take a look at this article. Read on to find out how you can help dogs who fear the storm .


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A common problem in dogs


One of three dogs is estimated to be the fear of storms . Dogs that are afraid of storms can react differently:



  • Hiding
  •  Weeping or barking

  • Shivering

  • Don’t pinch your tail between your legs
  •  Scratching furniture, doors and walls

  • Peeing in the house


It is unclear why dogs behave in such a stormy weather , but it is presumed to be related to their very strong hearing .


Lack of self-confidence in dogs that are not socialized enough or who have experienced various traumas in the past may increase the fear of storms. No matter how this fear arises in your dog, you should try to solve this problem as a puppy. As the fear grows further, the problem will become harder to solve.


fırtına korkusu olan köpek


Learn how to help your dog during stormy days. As My Pets, we have put together solutions to prevent your dog from fearing in bad weather.


What you should do


The fear of dogs during the storm fireworks is almost the same as the fear they experience. In both cases you should consider the following:



  • Set up a safe area with food and toys. They can decide for themselves. Most dogs prefer to hide in places such as benches or their own kennels.

  • Don’t punish your dog. Punishment can only make your dog even more anxious and makes your dog match the storm to scold.

  • Don’t caress your dog more than necessary by trying the opposite. Then he may start to think that he’s behaving nicely.


A few more suggestions for the fear of the storm


There are a few things you can do while your dog is experiencing storm fear:



  • Close windows to reduce volume as much as possible.

  • We also recommend that you turn down the volume of the TV , but you can turn on a relaxing music.

  • Try to stay calm. Your dog will get more nervous if he finds out you’re nervous.

  • You can try playing games with your dog to distract him.


You can try using various scents at home to reduce stress. But the most important thing is that you are with your dog . Stay calm and try to focus his attention on other things so that he can forget his fear.


korkmuş köpek


Dogs spend the fear of the storm


In order to combat the fear of the storm in your dog, you can try to take precautions, as we have mentioned above, as well as to eliminate the fear. You should consult your veterinarian for this .


After taking the advice of the veterinarian, you can expose your dog little by little to thunder or other things he fears. At the end of this process, he will become accustomed to sounds and begin to see normal . You must be patient and follow these steps:



  • Find a recording of sounds such as thunder that frightens your dog and let them listen in low volume.

  • Try to distract him by playing games at the same time.

  • If you gradually increase the volume of the voice recording, your dog will get accustomed to the sound.


It is not possible to eradicate the fear of storms at once, but if you continue to repeat the same stages patiently, your dog will slowly overcome its fear.









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