Herbal Milk: A Great Alternative to Dairy Products


For allergies, sensitivity to lactose, or for ethical reasons, more and more people are buying vegetable milk as an alternative to dairy products. Today we will tell you about the different herbal milk and their health benefits. Continue reading!

 4 vegetable milk as an alternative to dairy products
 1. Soy milk

Soy milk is basically a combination of soy extract and water. The amino acids in soy make digestion very easy, so they are an excellent choice for people with sensitive stomachs. You can even buy soy milk without sugar, vanilla, coconut and chocolate.

 Soy milk is also one of the most nutritious vegetable milks. Contains lecithin (helps prevent arteriosclerosis), B vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. The protein in it also helps calcium reach your bones, which plays a major role in the prevention of osteoporosis.

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 2. Vegetable milk: Soft, creamy almond milk


bir bardak badem sütü ve bademler


Almond milk is another great plant-based alternative to dairy products. This herbal milk is made from almonds, water and usually a kind of sweetener. It is also possible to obtain almost half of your daily vitamin E value from almond milk .


In addition, it has 1/3 less calories than a glass of milk containing 2% fat on average. The only disadvantage of almond milk is that it is low in protein. In this regard, both soy milk and cow milk have succeeded in exceeding almond milk.


3. Rice milk


All you need for rice milk is boiled rice, brown rice malt and starch. Rice milk is a better alternative, especially for people with allergies because there are no soy, nuts or gluten in it.


Compared to soy and cow’s milk, rice milk is high in carbohydrate and low in calcium and protein. Furthermore, it is not a good dairy alternative, especially for use in cooking; because it is very juicy.


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4. Coconut milk is becoming very popular


Hindistan cevizi sütü


Coconut milk is the most similar vegetable milk because of its texture. The taste is also great for use in making desserts. In addition, does not contain soy or gluten and contains too much potassium.


Coconut milk has a high calorie value (if you are on a diet, coconut milk is not a good choice). However, it is also not as nutritious as cow’s milk.


One glass of coconut milk contains 1 gram of protein and 100 mg of calcium. On the other hand a glass of milk contains 8 grams of protein and 300 mg of calcium. Did you know all this about herbal milk before? Perhaps this article was just the motivation you need to switch to one of herbal milks.









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