How can we provide natural nutrition to dogs?


Natural nutrition for dogs means that food is only prepared at home. Using fresh ingredients consists of combining them and cooking according to the animal’s nutritional needs.


Contrary to what is generally believed, a dog accustomed to eating processed food can change its feeding habits .


The first step in natural nutrition in dogs is to go to a specialist. Based on the assessment, the veterinarian may formulate an appropriate diet according to your dog’s current condition and needs.


Once you start feeding your dog naturally, you should weigh it once a month to check for body reactions. This allows you to monitor changes in your dog and the effects of such feeding.


If the animal is losing weight, it may be receiving fewer calories than specified for its size. However, if she is gaining too much weight, she is getting more calories than usual.


What are the benefits of natural nutrition for dogs?


1. Helps to control the weight of the dog. As it is a directed diet , you have more control and can be more careful about your dog’s diet.


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In this respect, it is important to be aware of the amount of food you are giving. Overfeeding can cause obesity in your dog, leading to other health problems such as diabetes or kidney problems.


Similar problems occur if the animal receives less than the amount of food required for normal development.


2. Improves physical and emotional states. When you start feeding your dog naturally , you can see the changes almost immediately.


On the second or third day, your dog may be more active or alive. In addition, over time, hairs become brighter and softer.


Natural food is better for the dog’s digestion. This can be seen in your dog’s breath smell as well as in the smaller, less smelling feces, because your dog’s digestive system makes use of all nutrients. In addition, body odor may improve.


3. Foods without additives or preservatives. Since all foods are fresh products, they do not consume all additives or preservatives in processed foods.


However, you need to be aware that you have a good balance between the foods you feed your dog. It is important to ensure that you meet your dog’s nutritional requirements.


4. It does not cost more. Contrary to popular belief, natural nutrition for dogs is not actually more expensive than processed foods; On top of that, it also has many benefits for your dog’s life and health.


The BARF diet


BARF stands for Bio-Suitable Raw Food. The BARF diet consists of feeding the dog to the percentage of its weight. If your dog is basically stationary, you will feed 2% of its weight and 3% for an active dog.


According to natural nutrition for dogs, proteins should come from meat, poultry or fish, that is, meat. In addition, dogs may be given offal such as liver, kidney and heart.


Vegetables become the main source of minerals and vitamins and lubricate the fatty acid supplier.


There are some things to consider when cooking in the BARF diet:


1. To prevent contamination by bacteria or germs, meat should be frozen for at least three days. In addition, it should be prepared as well cooked to kill existing parasites.


2. Bones should not be cooked. These should always be given to the animal as raw. You should ask your vet what bones are suitable for your dog.


3. In case of constipation, the intake of vegetables should be increased. If the situation worsens, you should consult your vet.


4. Natural foods should not be combined with processed foods. You can switch between two types, but you should not confuse them.


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How to store natural dog food?


Each species and breed is different, so they need to be fed according to their characteristics. Therefore, it is important to get an assessment from your veterinarian before applying natural nutrition to your animal.


Nowadays, there are many businesses and brands that prepare natural foods for dogs . These businesses can help you in the process of preparing the food.


Each meal is properly packaged and cooled. In this way, you can store as long as you need.


Finally, you need to make sure that the food you purchase for your dog has the right nutritional components necessary for your diet.









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