How do I get my dog ​​to eat dog food?


How can you get your dog to eat dog food? This is one of the problems faced by the owners of these wonderful pets. Although dogs generally eat well and eat a lot, they can sometimes be very selective.


Why doesn’t my dog ​​eat dog food?


This is the first question you should ask yourself when you encounter this problem with your pets. While it is sometimes difficult to find out why your dog is having problems, one of the main reasons is that changes in nutrition , especially because this change has happened suddenly.


One reason why you can’t get your dogs to eat dog food is a brand. Animals generally reject low quality foods. However, this is not the main reason, because cheap foods tend to be unhealthy, but they are often delicious due to the addition of ingredients with good taste. Try not to be sparing about your pet’s food and choose the best food for your dog .


Another reason may be that you give them too much food. However, in such cases, dogs tend to be susceptible to diseases such as obesity . Boredom is another reason for your dog not to eat. So, to make him eat it, you must make your food more interesting by enriching your surroundings. On the other hand, giving food leftovers to dogs may encourage them to prefer these snacks over dog food.


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Keep in mind that one of the reasons why dogs do not eat dog food is because they are sick. Therefore, you should know when to take your pet to the vet , because if they experience an appetite loss that is not related to any change in their diet, and if the animal has mood changes and other symptoms, your dog is probably sick.


How do I get my dog ​​to eat dog food?


To get your dog to eat dog food, you should gradually add it to his diet. Be sure to use quality food to do this.


The first thing to do is to get rid of the wet food, snacks, homemade recipes or human food you give your pet . If part of their diet is based on this, mix dry food with homemade food such as rice and gradually reduce the percentage of rice.


You need to calculate the amount of food your dog needs and divide it into at least two portions you need to give at certain times. Preferably give one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. You should remove the food container within half an hour, even if they do not eat the food. Repeat the next day.


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Tips on getting your dog to eat dog food

 Probably the best advice is to mix the food with warm water – especially in winter – or homemade chicken broth . It is important to be homemade so as not to contain toxic substances such as onions or salt .

Lack of food or human food to your pet not only improves their health and reduces the likelihood of poisoning, but also encourages them to eat dog food. Likewise, another recommendation from professionals to ensure that dogs eat normal dog food is not to give them too much reward food.


In general, you should be strict when it comes to feeding your pet. Nutritional problems are the main cause of health problems in pets. Basing your nutrition on quality food will help your dog live for many years without any nutritional illness.









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