How do you keep your dog from biting?


Our friends with four legs are not only loyal to us or they are not left with barking [sometimes overdoing] . Unfortunately, they sometimes appear on the news because they bite a person, causing serious injury and even death . So how do you stop dogs from biting?


Why Do Dogs Bite?


If a dog bites or tries to do so, regardless of breed or size, behaves this way because of self-protection instinct. Of course, the stronger the dog’s jaw, the stronger the bite’s damage.


And although sometimes called “potentially dangerous” dogs, the crime here is not in the dog, but in the owner who taught him to behave that way.


The environment in which a dog grows, its treatment and socialization and training also affect his behavior and his biting state.


Good training for both the dog and its owners is the basis for keeping the dog from bite.


Facts about Dogs and Bite


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Dogs bite is not a trivial matter. Therefore, both the owner and the dog should be prevented from bite with a solid training.


According to data from the World Health Organization:



  • Deaths based on dog bites are higher in low and middle income countries . This is due to inadequate or non-medical intervention.

  • While children are the main victims , head or neck injuries occur due to their height.

  • Most vacationers’ animal-based injuries are caused by dog ​​bites.


How do you keep your dog from biting?


How do we stop dogs from biting? There are many methods for this. For example, when you are a puppy, you should teach him not to bite while playing.


It is normal for young dogs to use their mouths to investigate their surroundings .


But you must tell the puppy that this is a behavior that harms dogs . So how do you do that? Another puppy, playmate, see what he does when he’s bitten: he’s writhing in pain.


Therefore, if you suddenly get excited and bite while playing with your dog, show that it hurts. Shout ‘Ahh ve and stop playing. This is the best way for dogs to understand that bites are harmful behavior and to control that impulse.

 Prevent Dogs from Aggression with Proper Training and Socialization


But the main methods to stop dogs from being biting or being aggressive are to socialize and take care of them in a healthy way.


A dog that grows in a friendly environment and communicates with other animals and humans becomes a fearless and emotionally balanced adult. Under these conditions, the urge to bite does not develop.


On the contrary, the greatest likelihood of aggression occurs in the following animals:



  • Beaten
  •  Connected, left on his own outside the house

  • Extremely humanized


What You Need To Know To Prevent Your Dog From Biting You


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Nevertheless, in addition to education and socialization, people need to learn to communicate properly with dogs. In this sense;



  • Know the dog’s body language well to predict a possible attack.

  • Know how to deal with unfamiliar animals that may show aggressive behavior .

  • Explain to your children how to get along with their four-legged friends . If they are very small, make sure that they do not stand alone with the dogs.


By trying to understand dogs in this way, you can avoid an unwanted situation that can result in a dog bite.









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