How do you know your dog is getting old?


The effect of time is felt in humans and animals. The old age comes very quickly and there are many indications that signal the inevitable end if your dog has begun to enter the “old age”.


Your dog is getting old, at the old age door


As our pets age, we need to consider all the signs that the old age has now started .


In order to make this period more comfortable, we should consider some special treatment methods. Old age is not a disease; it is a testament to the usual and advanced degeneration of animals. As in humans, the age of dogs causes some diseases to occur.


Two Phases Indicating the Aging of Your Dog


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In the first stage, animals begin to age at the cellular level. At this stage, we can see that the hair of the animal begins to change and the areas such as feet and nose turn gray. This happens first of all because it moves less and does less of its activities.


In the second stage, the aging of the dog is accelerated. Such that; the animal loses its sense of smell and the hairs turn white. Its bright feathers are replaced by matt shades and we begin to notice that even their behavior changes.


This is the stage in which they are most likely to suffer from kidney and heart disorders.


Symptoms of Aging by the Size of Your Dog


Small and very small dogs under 5-10 kg can be defined as adults when they are 7-8 years old and older when they are older than 12 years.


Dogs weighing less than 25 kg are adults at the age of 6-7 and older than 10 years of age.


Large dogs weighing between 30 and 45 kg can be considered as adults after the age of 5 and aging after the age of 8.


Very large dogs undergo a very rapid aging process after 5 years of age and generally cannot survive for more than 10 years.


The breed of your dog is also important


The breed of dogs is another key element affecting the average life expectancy. Indeed, to illustrate Boxer dogs usually live a few years less than German shepherd dogs.


The genus Toy Poodle is also known to have a very long life. The longest-standing record-keeping dog is an Australian shepherd named Bluey, who has lived a long life of 29 years.


Symptoms of aging dogs



  • Gray feathers. As people get older, their hair turns gray. An old dog, especially the color of the hair on his face and gray hairs begin to emerge .

  • Decreasing physical activities. We will notice that as our dog gets older, he cannot run or move for as long as before.

  • There will even be some movements he avoids doing. The joints and muscles of our pets are not as strong as when they were young. Therefore, some movements, such as going to bed, will cause him discomfort and refuse to do so.

  • The need for more rest . If our dog gets older there will also be a decrease in energy, so sleep or rest will be longer than it normally does.

  • Some cognitive disorders. When our dog gets old, his memory will get worse and he will forget when and where he eats his food, when and where he makes his toilet.

  • He cannot do so when he has to wait for his toilet. So we can see that he pee in some parts of the house.


Tips for our dog to go through the aging process more comfortably


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  • We need to be very patient with our dog. Keep on your daily walks; but understand that our friend is not as lively as he used to be, even if you take shorter and more frequent walks.

  • We should check your teeth very well. Because if our dog has lost most of his teeth, you need special food for older dogs.

  • By scanning our dog, we activate the blood circulation and get rid of all the shed. Lumps (swelling) or regional hair loss on the skin during screening, etc. We can also see whether or not.
  •  [194590014] Since cancer can occur as tubers, we see if there is any swelling by touching nerve cells.

  • If long-haired dogs, we can cut the hair around the eyes. Thus, too much hair does not obstruct the view of our dog.

  • If we have an older dog , veterinary checks should be performed more frequently.


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