How do you notice a pregnant cat?


Pets can occasionally run away from home and you may not know what they are doing outside until they come back. You may need to check if your cat is pregnant to avoid problems and to ensure your cat’s health. Today’s article will tell you how to notice a pregnant cat.


The period of escalation in cats


Most people do not know that the most difficult period in a cat’s life is the period of escalation . As with most species, this is the only period in which the female is ready to mate with a male cat . However, most male cats are ready and willing to mate all year round.

 Females are usually ready to mate at 8 and 10 months of age. In adulthood we can understand that when they reach ideal weight they reach sexual maturity. However, some cat breeds may experience periods of escalation at different ages.


hamile kedi


Cats are animals alone and do not like to wander in groups. Therefore, part of the mating ritual of felines consists of persistent and high-tone meowing.

 During this time, cats are so compassionate , which may be frustrating for some owners. When you love him, they can even put themselves in the mating position.


Cats usually have an escalation every two to three weeks. When a cat begins to meow sharply, the period of raging has started. This will last four to six days until he finds a man. At the end of this period, the ovaries will stop producing hormones.


Male cats are more active between November and March. However, they can mate at any time of the year. In these months, they can be more aggressive and protective of the region. They can mark the whole house with pheromone loaded urine.


How do you notice a pregnant cat?


Pregnancy in cats normally lasts between 60 and 70 days. In general, it is very difficult to understand a pregnant cat in the first week of pregnancy; Only very experienced growers can understand. However, a pregnant cat may experience nausea and mood changes in the early stages of pregnancy, , as with most women.


hamile kedinin karnına bakan veteriner


After 15 to 18 days, the cat’s breasts begin to swell and become pink. They can gain one or two pounds during pregnancy. In addition, their bellies naturally expand and prepare for delivery.


Veterinarians usually detect pregnancy from the 15th day of pregnancy. They use ultrasound to determine whether kittens are healthy. As the pregnancy progresses , the vet will conduct tests to see how many kittens will be born and whether your cat needs any dietary supplements.


You can tell when cats are going to give birth from their meow pattern. They produce a lot of vaginal secretion and reduce their appetite. Set a quiet and quiet place where your cat can give birth . Also, have a phone call to call the vet in case of any serious complications during childbirth.









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