How Do You Prevent Your Dog from Eating Fast?


It is very common for dogs to eat fast. This is actually harmful behavior because it can cause a problematic stomach and digestion. And if this habit is not corrected, things can get worse. So how do you prevent a dog from eating fast?


As soon as you put the food container on the floor or a piece of food falls out of the package, your dog tries to eat it wildly. He puts his claws on the plate and starts to swallow food without chewing. In a few seconds, the food container becomes empty and the dog wants to eat some more.
If this sounds familiar to you, read the rest of the article. We will tell you how to prevent your dog from eating fast. And you will see that you can solve this problem in a short time.


Is it possible to prevent a dog from eating fast?


Meal times can be a bit chaotic.


Most pets eat quickly without even trying to chew their food. This survival is a habit related to instinct . Just like wolves of cousins, dogs quickly destroy their food so as not to share it with the rest of the flock.


By eating fast food, animals take advantage of being able to get enough food. In fact, other animals are trying to get all the food they need before they come and get their food. It’s that simple.


It is extremely important that you prevent your dog from eating fast. Fast food can cause many health problems. There is even the danger of choking if your dog tries to swallow it without chewing it.


Another consequence of fast food is the ingestion of air by the animal. This causes gas formation as well as stomach problems. Vomiting and gas are very clear signs of stomach upset and poor digestion.


On the other hand, a dog’s fast-eating habit is particularly dangerous when gnawing bone or eating human food instead of dog food. Because bone fragments can penetrate the esophagus or other organs of the animal. The risk of suffocation increases significantly if this habit is not corrected in time .


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And finally, the greatest risk of dogs eating fast is the problem of gastric rotation (gastric portion) . Which, if not treated in time, can even cause the death of the animal. Stomach rotation occurs when the stomach is detached from the muscles, tendons and intestines that the stomach is holding due to excess weight.


The symptoms of stomach upset in dogs are:



  • A swollen belly

  • Weakness

  • Willingness to move

  • Walking the hump

  • Trying to vomit

  • Pain


If the dog shows signs of illness, it is very important that he is taken to the vet as soon as possible to get proper treatment. (in some cases surgery may also be needed) If you want your animal to live, do not ignore these symptoms.


Recommendations to prevent your dog from eating fast


If your pet cannot wait to be fed into the food bowl at meal times and is stretched, if he swallows his food without chewing it properly, listen to these recommendations:



  1. Place the container of Mama upside down . The bottom of the food container is narrower than the top. It also has a strange shape that makes it difficult for the animal to find food. You can even buy special food containers that you can distribute to different compartments. Another option is to serve food in cupcake molds, or by placing a large stone in the middle of the bowl, making it an adventure for the dog.

  3. Give your dog a toy with food in it. Pet shops sell special toys with food. When the dog bites the toy, the food comes out. These toys are a great way to satisfy your dog’s hunting instinct and have some fun.

  5. Limit the portion sizes . For example, if you normally give your dog a meal once a day and say at night, divide the portion in half and give some in the morning and the rest in the evening. This way, you may not be able to prevent your dog from eating fast, but at least you will avoid a possible stomach upset. You also protect your dog from excess weight. If he eats twice a day, he will burn calories at every digestion.


Other current recommendations



  • Try feeding small portions in small food containers. Put a small amount of food in the food bowl and give the rest a few minutes after finishing the first portion, and so on until you finish your daily food. Yes, applying this method requires you to keep an eye on him while he is eating.

  • Place the food container in a high place. It is also a good way to place the food container on a coffee table or similar to ensure that your dog eats the food slowly. In this way, the head will be up while eating and it will give the air it breathes easier.

  • Set up food stations. In addition to being fun , this method also helps prevent your dog from eating fast. Put three food containers in different parts of the house and your dog will look for them. So he spends time searching for the food and finishing the food in one container.









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