How do you prevent your dog from running away from home?


Even the thought of your dog running away from home can be a source of great stress for you. A dog accustomed to living at home, there are many dangers that he might face when he stays on the street. By training your dog in a certain way, you can be sure that you will never face such dangers.


Dogs can run away from home for many reasons but you can prevent this from happening by training your dog. In today’s article, we will talk about methods you can use to train your dog not to run away from home.


Educating your dog not to run away from home


There are many elements in the streets that can be dangerous to your dog; may be the target of the slightest internal and external parasites, and we don’t even want to think about the possibility of a car crash or someone taking it away.


No punishment, yes to positive reinforcement


Some behavior of your dog may make you angry, but you should not use violent methods such as hitting him. In your dog you can cause aggressive behavior to be involved or disrupt your psychology.


In addition, your violent behavior; it may result in your dog being scared, not feeling safe, or feeling unwanted, and may run away from home.


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For all these reasons you should adopt the method of positive reinforcement when training your dog. Reward your dog’s good behavior to consolidate his confidence and promote intelligence. A dog who feels the owner’s love and attention is less likely to attempt to escape because he is scared or insecure.


Use your name in good moments


If you use his name when you get angry or scold your dog, the dog will soon match his name to bad experiences. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t train your dog or put limits on some issues when raising your dog.


When he acts undesirable, simply saying no is enough. Use your name only when rewarding, playing games or loving your dog.


This increases the likelihood that your dog will come back if he is called or if he runs away and hears your voice remotely. He may not answer your calls if he thinks a penalty will follow. This is the first step in preventing your dog from escaping from home and educating your dog with positive reinforcement.


Watch out for your body language


Dogs are careful enough to notice even small changes in both your tone and body language. In this way, they can understand your mood and how you feel.


When you notice that your dog is starting to get away from you, you should pay attention to your body language and tone of voice. In such moments, you should squat down and call your dog calmly but calmly. If the call doesn’t work, you can get up and start running in the opposite direction as if calling for a game.

 A loving family

Feeling loved by his family and an important member of the house, the dog has no reason to escape. The dog who has been subjected to violence, left alone or ignored by the owners may try to escape, thinking that the outside is better.


Regular exercise


Dogs who spend their days constantly staying at home without moving too much, can disappear by running away to feel free or play when they go out. Therefore, if you want to prevent your dog from escaping from the home, it is important that you exercise it regularly.


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If your dog is a puppy, you can teach him to play “hide-and-seek” on their first walk outside. After releasing your dog, hide behind a tree and call him until he finds you.


When you find him, giving him reward food, saying good words or caress to be rewarded. At the end of these exercises, your dog will think he should find you if you’re not around.




Many dogs, especially male dogs, follow the mating instinct to escape from home.


In such cases, the most effective solution to castrate your dog will be. After surgery, most dogs become more calm .


However, surgery does not completely eliminate the desire for mating. Although there is a lower probability that a neutered dog can escape from the house for this purpose. Therefore, it would be appropriate to provide training for all dogs in case they run away from home.









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