How do you train your cat?


Cats are extremely curious, intelligent animals, and it is almost impossible for you to predict what to do next. With their beautiful faces and graceful bodies, they attract us so much that we look back to the house with a cat in our arms. The first days of home with your cat will be a lively experience for both sides. In this article, we talk about what you can do to accustom your cat to the house and create a strong bond between you.


The happy cat is the cat who listens to the word


The secret to a peaceful life at home with your cat lies in mutual understanding. You should keep in mind that the way cats communicate is highly variable depending on the current state and mood.


When dogs ask for something, they have no trouble explaining it. However, cats may begin to drown in stress and worry without you noticing. We have drawn up a list of cats behaviors to be considered :


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  • Hiding or avoiding contact with you. All cats want to get away from time to time, but there may be some health problems that can make your cat feel bad and want to be alone all the time. If in doubt, contact your vet immediately.

  • Don’t scratch everything in the house . If you buy new furniture, the appearance of the house will change the eyes of the cat, leaving the smell around the area will need to mark. If you have recently renovated your home or there are too many cats in the vicinity, your cat may experience stress and anxiety.


You can also understand that your cat is happy with body language; A wagging tail raised up, rubbing you and wanting to play are signs that your cat is healthy and happy .


Methods of training your cat


Of course, it is not possible, no matter how much training you give, to force an animal to do something that is against your instincts or that is not natural. However, as the owner, you can let your cat’s energy shift or develop new abilities. If you find the right stimulus, your cat will respond the way you want.


The aim of training is to match a cat’s behavior to a command. So, what should you do to bring your cat to this level?



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How to train using Clicker?


Clicker training is a non-negative reinforcement method. It is applied using a plastic device that makes a click when you press it. This is not a sound the cat is used to hearing, so it can easily match a command in the head.


With Clicker, you have to be patient and start with small goals and progress slowly. First of all, your cat needs to get used to the click. If you give him a reward following each click, he will learn to pay attention to it.


Recommendations for effective use of the Clicker:



  • The click should be heard as soon as your cat executes the command you want, not after it.

  • You only need to click once per command, or the cat may be confused.

  • Start with simple commands, such as sitting or coming when you call.









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