How do you train your dog to bring back an object?


We love to play with our dog. When we throw a ball or stick, our dog runs after him , but the dogs refuse when it comes to bringing back what we throw. So, how can you teach your dog to bring back what you throw? Although this is not an easy task, we will give you little advice and you can achieve this in a short time.


How do you teach your dog to bring back what you throw?


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Teaching your dog to listen is one of the most difficult things. Dogs instinct , they go behind an object that is thrown, but when it comes to bringing it back, they do not. During this training, you must be patient . You should not shout and encourage your dog in a positive way, but this way you can train your dog.


Following the tips and steps below, you will enjoy spending more time with your dog!


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Teach You to Perform Simple Commands


Dogs link actions and words, so if you want your dog to bring back a projected object, you must first give him simple commands such as git go after, grab, bring back, leave ”. The first two are very easy because dogs instinctively do it. When you throw a ball, your dog will go after you, but it’s hard to learn to bring and give the ball back to you.


Play with your dog


Sit down and play with your dog so that your dog is familiar with the ball and understands that the ball is more than just a catched object.


Sit your dog and place the ball near his nose. So he can see the ball and pay attention to the ball. Let the dog take the ball, but avoid it if he tries to run with the ball. It’s time to teach the commands! Thanks to the commands you give your dog can associate words with actions.


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While playing with your dog, shout “catch” when the dog catches the ball. In this way, your dog can relate this action and command. If the dog does not catch the ball itself, take it and throw it until it starts to catch it.


When the dog catches the ball, praise him and give him reward food. The positive reinforcement method is very useful for teaching an animal to command, so remember to reward your dog when he does something right.


After your dog learns to catch the ball, the hard part is learning to drop the ball. Your dog must not drop the ball until you command it. By giving the command vererek Release ” you can help your dog and if necessary pull the ball. To do this, just put your hand under the dog’s chin. The dog will leave the ball to you.


Repeat these commands for a few days and 20 minutes until your dog learns to release the ball. As we said before, it is very important to be patient at this stage.


> If your dog leaves the ball without telling you, say “no ve and give it to him again. So you can connect between what you say and actions. When he starts to follow your commands, give him another reward food!


Play Together!


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When your dog learns to take the ball and bring it back to you, it’s time to practice playing! Throw the ball and wait for the dog to follow. Then call him and command him to bring it to you. If the dog brings the ball back, even if it does it once, you’ll know you’re on the right track. Don’t forget to reward your dog !


It is very important to be determined and patient. Now you know how to train your dog by giving him the command you want. In this way, you can strengthen the bond between your dog. Remember that positive reinforcement is always the best!









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