How Does Feeding Affect Your Dog's Skin?


How does the diet affect your dog’s health? Your dog’s skin and feathers are good indicators of your dog’s health . A dog with bright bushy hair is healthy. In this article, we will talk about how your diet affects your dog’s health in terms of skin and hair.


You can understand the health of your dog from the outside. The condition of his eyes, ears and mouth says a lot about the way he is fed and how well he is taken care of. In addition, healthy skins and hairs indicate how strong they are.


Your dog’s hair should be bright, not lifeless or felt. When dogs have healthy hair, their skin is also in perfect condition. At the same time, their healthy skin is supple, clean and has a dull or spotless appearance.


How Does Feeding Affect Your Dog’s Skin?


You should not underestimate the influence of your dog’s diet on the brightness and texture of its feathers. Not all organs are involved; skin is the largest organ of the body.


As internal organs regenerate cells, the skin changes and renews its cells to function properly. The skin of all mammals works in the same way. However, there are some differences in the skin of humans and dogs. The skin of dogs is completely covered while human skin is exposed to external factors.


Dogs’ hairs grow and shed continuously regardless of breed or size. To keep a dog’s feathers healthy and bushy, dog owners must be careful about what they feed their dogs. A balanced diet is the ultimate factor to improve the dog’s hair and skin.


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 The importance of a balanced diet

A balanced diet; protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. In addition, your dog needs to get the right amount of calories, depending on the energy it consumes daily. In addition to eating foods that provide sufficient nutritional value, they also need to take supplementary foods to digest them thoroughly. Coconut oil is a good example.


A dog’s diet must be balanced and digestible. Food that is hard to digest will slow down your dog’s metabolism. A heavy or unbalanced diet will also affect your dog’s liver and kidneys. Therefore, your dog’s diet should not remain the same throughout life. For your dog to be happy, it is necessary to create a diet that contains the nutritional values ​​they need according to the stages in their lives.


If your dog’s diet is missing, you will see the negative effects on his skin and hair. Feathers lose their vitality and harden as felt. Another symptom of a poor diet is that hairs on the tail area begin to shed .



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The most important nutrients for keeping your dog healthy


No dog is alike, so feeding will not be the same. However, some foods and nutritional practices will be particularly good for the health of their feathers.


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Diets must contain protein because it is very important for skin health. It should contain more than 35% protein. Fatty acids and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) must be included in a balanced diet because they fully feed hair follicles. They also allow the skin to breathe. In addition, biotin and omega 3 oil give the skin shine and suppleness.

 Processed foods

Dogs do not need to take food supplements such as syrups or tablets . A high nutritional diet will provide your dog with the nutrients he needs. Therefore, you should always take care when choosing dog food.


Dog food is very practical for busy dog ​​owners. While cooking for your dog takes time and effort, you should take the time to research good dog food. The dog food you choose must meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Before you make your final decision, look at the nutritional content and the quality of the ingredients because these are the important factors for your dog’s health.


If your dog is mainly fed with dog food , you should also make sure that your dog drinks enough water. In general, dogs fed with dry food are more likely to be dehydrated.









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