How many meals a day should you give your dog?


You finally decided! You will have a pet. You will have a pet for the first time in your life and you are very excited about it, but you have noticed many questions in your mind. The first and most important of these questions is how many meals a day should you give your dog. Although there are many different ideas about this subject, today we will give you the most definite answer in this article.


How many meals a day should you give your dog?


How many meals a day you need to give your dog depends on your dog’s age. For example, puppies need to eat at least four meals a day . Because puppies eat less food than adult dogs, which causes them to get hungry quickly. They need frequent nutrition in order to be healthy and develop rapidly.


As your dog grows, you should gradually reduce the number of meals per day. Three meals a day at 3 to 6 months, two meals a day at 6 to 14 months, one meal a day after 14 months will be enough. The number of meals is given in general, you can also give more to your adult dog.


How many meals a day should your dog eat? Just one meal?


For example, you may not be able to give your dog more than one meal a day because you work hard , in these cases it may be an option to give a meal a day. Your dog may also have a small, sensitive stomach, so one meal a day may even be more than it needs.


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Dogs are animals that can adapt to any situation, ie


one meal per day


will not be a problem for them. What is important is the quantity and quality of the food you provide.



Is it better to give two meals a day?


Adult dogs who do not have any health problems will have no problem eating two meals a day. It is recommended that you feed your adult dog in the morning and in the afternoon. This way, the amount of energy will dissipate and your pet will be mobile all day long.


However, this does not mean that you need to double the amount of food that is recommended, you should give the amount of food that you should eat daily at two meals. Such a diet is not suitable for hyperactive or aggressive dogs because it causes such behavior to increase more and makes it difficult for you to live together.


What happens if you give your dog three or four meals a day?


It is a good option to divide the amount of food that a dog needs to eat daily into three or four meals a day. You can also apply such a diet to help your dog lose weight.


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As in humans, feeding frequently and gradually, accelerates the metabolism of your animal. Therefore, it can be an excellent method for your dog to lose weight. However, you should keep in mind that you should not change the amount of food you need to give per day.


Your vet will tell your dog the amount of food you need to give daily and how many meals you should give. Scientists, feeding a dog a few meals a day, feeding the energy level to the appropriate level and said the dog keeps the ideal weight.


Things you shouldn’t do


The most important thing you shouldn’t do is put a large amount of food in a large bowl and let your dog eat as much as he wants. In such a case, your dog will eat much more than should eat. If you think your dog is hungry, you can fill a bowl and refill it unnecessarily repeatedly. Even if your dog is not hungry, he can finish all the food, which will prevent his metabolism from working properly.


As you can see, there are multiple responses to how many meals your dog should eat each day. As a result, you will decide what is the best option for your dog.









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