How Should Old Dogs Feed?



Aging is a natural process that will happen to everyone, including people’s closest friends. Stopping time may be impossible, but it is up to you to give your dog a better quality of life when he gets older . Therefore, it is important to give nutritious meals to older dogs. If you want to learn how old dogs should be fed, continue reading our article.


Feeding Scheme of Old Dogs: Low Carbohydrate, Excess Protein


Dogs are classified as aged when they are between 7 and 12 years old. However, this depends on the breed and behavior of the dog. During this time, physical activity of dogs is noticeably reduced and they begin to lose muscle. This makes it necessary to change the diet.


It is very important to reduce carbohydrate intakes; this nutrient is the body’s main source of energy and must be included in the diet of older dogs.


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In order to prevent weight gain, dogs should eat a moderate amount. Overweight can cause many diseases , such as hypertension and diabetes . Similarly, weight gain causes chronic pain and accelerates degeneration of musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.


The diet of older dogs must contain high protein. Proteins are necessary for older dogs because they begin to lose muscle during the aging process. Proteins have good nutritional value because they are easy to digest and break down into small molecules.


Essential Foods for Elderly Dogs : Vitamin C


As people get older, the cells in their bodies undergo oxidation. It causes many effects, especially a noticeable decrease in brain function. Dogs undergo a very similar organic phase: Y son ​​oxidation causes death of neurons , which results in dementia.


Dementia in dogs occurs with progressive loss of cognitive and sensory function. Odor is often the last step in this degenerative process, while sight and hearing are most easily affected.


Over time, the animal begins to lose cognitive abilities. This causes it to be unable to detect commands and to have difficulty in many areas of space-time continuity.


In such cases, vitamin C is an essential nutrient source for older dogs. This potent natural antioxidant delays brain degeneration by slowing down cellular aging .


Therefore, you can control or prevent the symptoms of senile dementia . It is also recommended that your dog supplement certain substances, such as Fostatidil Serin, to increase the effects of vitamin C.


The Place of Fats in Nutrition of Old Dogs


Oils are a source of energy and contain various hormones of dogs. For this reason, an elderly dog’s diet should be included and controlled. However, just as in a human diet, there are good fats and bad fats for dogs.


Saturated or trans fats can facilitate weight gain and thus accelerate dementia. In contrast, unsaturated fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 are cardiovascular friendly and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Be sure to check your dog’s weight status because some dogs may lose excess weight as they get older. In such rare cases, beneficial and unsaturated fats need to be consumed in abundance.


Balanced Nutrition for Elderly Dogs


A balanced diet for older dogs should include certain balanced foods. This type of dog food has the right nutrient ratios for older dogs.


Therefore, particular attention should be paid to the value of the protein used. Most foods use a lot of vegetable protein (cereals such as corn and soy). This can damage your dog’s digestive system.


If your dog has difficulty chewing , it is best to give it pureed food. To prepare, simply add water or hot chicken broth onto the dish and wait a little. When the food reaches room temperature, stir well and serve.


Finally, you can add meat puree or wet food to your food as a dietary supplement and to make your dog easier to chew.


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 Fluid Consumption in Elderly Dogs

An old dog will naturally reduce the amount of water he drinks, so it is important to remember that water is especially necessary for older dogs at this time.


Consequently, you should pay attention to your dog’s diet and fluid consumption. Make sure your dog’s water is always fresh and clean. If your dog has difficulty drinking water or doesn’t stoop to drink water, you can switch to puree food that contains plenty of liquid.









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