How should puppies be fed during weaning?


Dogs have different nutritional needs, depending on the periods of their lives. You can prepare your dog for adulthood with the porridge you can prepare for your puppy during weaning.


Weaning Period: What is it and how long?


The period of weaning is the period in which a puppy changed his first eating habit in his life. Puppies undergo physical and behavioral changes. This prepares them slowly to cut breastmilk. However, weaning is more than a new feeding habit, because during this period, offspring become less dependent on their mother .


Puppies need to explore the outside world to develop their abilities and survival instincts. It is important that they develop self-esteem and self-esteem in order to grow healthy. Three weeks after birth, puppies move into a new phase of physical and emotional development.


sütten kesilme dönemi


All this is the beginning of the weaning period until the offspring is eight or nine weeks old. Stomachs begin to grow and become more resistant; so that they can swallow nutrients more easily and digest more easily. At the same time, the first milk teeth begin to emerge. Therefore they may become more hungry and more cranky.


Due to the developing curiosity, they study their mother and imitate some of her habits and behaviors. It is normal for their mothers to want to smell and taste the food they eat. However, it is important to remember that puppies still cannot completely chew and digest solid foods.

 Healthy Breastfeeding Period

A healthy female dog starts suckling the puppies as soon as they are born, and this process continues until they are six or seven weeks old. The peak period is the second and third weeks, when the offspring is ready to wean. The mother should also be well fed to ensure that the offspring receive adequate amounts and quality of milk .


The aim is to meet the nutritional and physical needs of the mother to ensure that the mother remains healthy. Therefore, it is recommended that the mother follow a balanced diet containing quality protein. The female dog may begin to change her feeding pattern before birth and continue until the end of her breastfeeding period.


The Importance of Following the Weaning Period to the End


Unfortunately, animal breeders do not care that weaning is necessary because they think it is costly. They even forcibly separate the offspring from their mothers before the end of 30 days. In such cases, changes in their bodies do not result naturally, but rather result in a radical change in their environment and habits.


Such thoughtless behavior causes puppies to have serious physical and emotional problems . For example, a puppy physically becomes unable to take the necessary nutrients and antibodies [194590013] from breast milk , which slows the development of the immune system and leaves the puppy vulnerable to numerous diseases.


At the same time, emotionally the offspring are suddenly separated from their mother in their new home and they feel fear and insecure. Keep this in mind before you buy or own a pup.

 Preparing Poultice for Puppies


It is very important to gradually change the way your puppy feeds; You don’t want pups to have any digestive or immune system problems. At the same time, make sure to use high-quality foods in the porridge you prepare.


You may consider using the same food that your mother gave during breastfeeding. However, it is recommended that puppies are already accustomed to solid foods before they are 12 or 18 months old. In the first stage, dog porridge should contain 70% breast milk and 30% solid formula.


yavru köpekler için lapa

 Nutrition Period

The puppy may start testing this mash in the third or fourth week, when the milk teeth start to grow. Porridge should be given instead of a meal of breast milk taken daily; never completely replace porridge with breast milk as they need to be balanced nutrition .


When the puppy is seven weeks old, the mash can be prepared from 100% solid food. All you have to do is pour hot water over the food and wait half an hour. When the mash reaches room temperature, mix well and give it to your puppy.


In the ninth week, puppies will be ready to consume and digest solid food.


Finally, if the pup is owned, the porridge must be prepared with milk powder specially prepared for puppies. You can find this food in pet shops and veterinary clinics.









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