How to calm storm dogs?


The storm phobia scares your dog and puts it in great stress, and unfortunately this is a risky health situation. Read on to learn how to calm your dog during a storm and how to completely eliminate this problem.


How do you know if your dog has storm phobia?


The sounds and lights that cause your dog to feel fear and concern have not yet been fully explained by veterinarians. The most common things pets react to are:



  • The sound of the wind
  •  Thunderstorms

  • Lighting
  •  Changes in atmospheric pressure
     Static electricity

  • Low-frequency sounds that cannot be heard by people before the storm


Although these fears apply to humans and are completely harmless to animals not afraid of storms, your pet may have an instinctive response to these situations. Fear is produced by the autonomic nervous system of the brain, which controls involuntary responses. Animals instinctively display a physiological response to threats called “fighting or running kaç.


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This reaction can only be described as phobia, since it is only when a particular threat is repeated. The storm, loud sound and the fear of fireworks are most likely related.


Ways to calm down storm-scared dogs


The main problem with untreated or undiagnosed phobias is that every time the trigger arises, the dog is more aggressive and anxious, or has a more intuitive instinctive response.


Fear and anxiety attacks can affect your dog’s character in the long run if not controlled. A dog that is healthy, obedient and social can become a coward and aggressive dog who does not listen to its owner.


fırtınadan korkan köpekler


With the following strategies you can calm your dog in the long run , and you will know what to do if your dog is afraid or worried in the future.


When training your pet try to teach him to “calm down”. It will be much more effective if you teach him when your dog is a puppy, and he will remember it for life. If you teach him this command persistently and calmly, he will associate it with a positive event. This allows your dog to calm down by giving him this command when he is scared during a storm.


Set a place for your dog to take refuge when it is scared. It doesn’t have to be a refuge. This could be a room that gives him peace, and makes him feel safe. Having a room where dogs can feel safe for storm-scared dogs makes them easier to deal with.


Buy a calming dog suit for your dog. According to some studies, when we are stressed and worried, hugging helps alleviate our concerns. When it comes to dogs hugging does not work, instead of tightly wrapping their body and back to create a healthy pressure is used to calm the dog clothes. A study in 2009 proved the calming effect of calming dog clothes.









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