How to Correct Your Dog's Behavior


There are two ways to improve your dog’s behavior: positive and negative. While the first is based on prizes, the second is aimed at simply shouting. Some instructors argue that a mixture of the two is necessary. You can learn more about this in our article.


Should you train your dog or correct your behavior?


Since a dog is a member of the family, he must learn the limits and what he can and cannot do. Discipline is essential for an animal to understand and know how to behave .


However, sometimes dogs that are not properly trained when puppies may develop behavioral problems. The main “mistakes” are digging the garden, barking too much, breaking things at home, teasing people or other animals, and flushing them where they are not.


The most important thing to do to correct the behavior of dogs is to tell your dog that he doesn’t have a lot of leaders. Remember that dogs come from wolves, so for them alpha male or beta female is the leader. Who could this be? Of course there is no one but the owner!


When dogs think that they are the dominant ones, they do not want to follow orders from their subordinates. When dogs see themselves as alpha, they often exhibit aggression and undesirable behavior.


You can use a positive reinforcement or punishment method to prevent or reduce this situation.

 Positive reinforcement to improve your dog’s behavior

Such training is not based on punishment, but on rewarding good behavior. Positive reinforcement is a technique that involves rewarding the dog with fond words, fond words, or toys when the dog obeys an order.


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This operation is certainly more fun and enjoyable for the pet and its owner . Instead of being chained and punished, all dogs prefer to receive a reward.


Since positive reinforcement has many benefits, trainers and veterinarians recommend it. It strengthens the relationship between the owner and the dog, among other things.


It makes the animal feel loved and respected. Furthermore, if the animal has suffered some form of trauma in the past, better progress can be made.


It is important to teach your dog that you are rewarded for following your commands. The positive side of the positive reinforcement is that will not understand why you are rewarded if you do not give your animal a task to perform.

 Negative reinforcement to correct your dog’s behavior

Most instructors and animal owners still use this method because they consider it to be very effective. However, has been abused because people are gradually moving away from this method.


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Many confuse negative reinforcement with physical contact or pain, which is an inappropriate training method .


Basically this method is to give an unwanted stimulus to train the dog. When you practice continuously, your dog will learn better and there will be no need for punishment.


Boxer or Yorkshire is not a good training method to punish your dog regardless of breed or to scold him for doing something wrong. You ask why? Because when you put the animal in a stressful situation, the animal will not remember what you have learned (or what you are trying to tell).


When something similar happens again, they will react in the same way. Unfortunately, this situation will enter an inextricable cycle; the animal is punished by the owner every time he does something wrong , he will be traumatized and unable to react to any command .


Moreover, when a dog does something “wrong insanlar for people, it will become obedient to the angry and shouting owner. Because of this fear, he will not even understand what makes his owner angry or why he is being punished.









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