How to Prevent Dogs from Eating Fast?


Most pet owners complain that their dog may eat too quickly or anxiously. In other words, some dogs behave like pigs that can eat anything that is edible wherever they can, even if they are not hungry. Some dogs are too protective of their food and do not allow anyone to approach it while eating. If this also applies to your furry friend, continue reading. Because in this article we will give you a few tips to prevent your dog from eating too fast:


Problems Caused by Dogs Eating Fast Food


Eating in concern is not good for anyone. Dogs that eat too fast or swallow without chewing food can experience serious diseases such as digestive problems, vomiting and even stomach torsion. It is very uncomfortable to give your dog food without worrying about the damage to your stomach and to make your dog wander around his food anxiously.


On the other hand, there are cases where dogs that are extremely protective of their food come to the point of attacking family members or other domestic pets at home. Such a situation affects the whole family; it causes people in the family not to normally have a relationship with their dog, and the dog is upset because he treats family members that he loves and trusts.


There is a solution to all problems related to food. We want to point out that a dog that eats too quickly or worried is not a happy dog ​​ and therefore the problem should be solved as soon as possible.


What Causes Dogs to Eat Fast or Worried?


The fact that a dog eats too quickly or worried does not mean that he is hungry or mistreated. The feeling of insecurity when eating is not always the same reason, and a dog does not have to experience a traumatic or negative experience to behave in this way.


There are several reasons why a dog eats so fast. To effectively eliminate this problem, you need to understand your dog’s feelings.


köpeklerin çok hızlı yemesi


Today, in this article, we will give advice to the owners of dogs that eat too fast or are too protective of their food. Some may not be able to solve the problem, but we hope that this will help temporarily improve the situation.


If your dog continues to behave in spite of the following advice , you should assess your dog’s situation and consult a professional to provide you with a tailor-made solution.


1. Change the way your dog eats: Put his food on the floor without using a bowl


Dogs eating too fast can finish an entire bowl in seconds without chewing. One way to prevent your dog from eating all his food at once is to change the way you give it.


Instead of feeding your dog once or twice a day, you can give the same amount of food in smaller portions in 3 or 4 times. Even if your dog finishes all the food at once, at least it will be doing it in smaller portions, which will make your furry friend’s stomach less uncomfortable.


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Another option is to stop using the bowl; When you put all the food in a bowl, your dog can easily reach all the food and eat quickly. On the other hand, if you spill dog food directly on the ground [194590017] instead of using a bowl , it is impossible for your dog to reach all the food at the same time. In this case, your dog needs to use his nose and will have to eat the food one by one.


This method not only allows your dog to eat longer, but also provides excellent mental exercise. For dogs, sniffing is a very important instinct and helps them relax.


2. Make sure your dog’s bowl is always full


Are you ready to learn another reason for your dog eating too fast? Often, dogs are worried about when they can eat again. Dogs eating too fast may have this habit because they fear that their food will disappear and will never come back. Unless your dog’s veterinarian advises otherwise, you should ensure that your dog’s bowl is always full.


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Presumably, your dog will realize in a few days that he doesn’t have to worry about food and will calm down: because the bowl is always full!


3. Fill Your Dog’s Bowl While Not Around


It is often a good idea to see your dog approaching the food bowl when you try to solve this problem of dogs that eat too fast . If he sees you while cleaning the bowl or performing routine actions such as filling the bowl with more food, it will probably make him feel tense.


Take care of your work with your dog when he is not around, for example when he is asleep or when he goes out for a walk . Evaluate the moment he is not around and fill or clean the bowl immediately: this way your dog will not see what you are doing and will not worry.


4. Don’t Make This a Big Problem

 Whatever your dog’s problematic eating habits are, making them a big problem is definitely not recommended. When you bring it up, your dog may become more anxious and angry. So you make things worse.

Fill your dog’s bowl before he sees it and let him eat in a quiet place in the house. Most food problems are caused by insecurity, and the only way to help your dog is to keep the food container full and realize that you will not starve.


Food problems are very uncomfortable for both dogs and their owners, and can affect the whole family’s relationship and peace with the dog. Fortunately, there are solutions to all food problems. If you want to find the right solution for your dog, investigate why it feels insecure and walk through it.









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