How to Prevent Parasites in Dogs and Cats


Parasites can be inside or outside the body, but all of them cause serious complications and diseases in domestic animals. In today’s article, we will give tips on how to prevent parasites in dogs and cats.


How to prevent parasites in dogs and cats: Internal microorganisms


Digestive parasites are the most common parasites that affect pets. These organisms can cause serious diseases in animals and infect humans.


These parasites can survive both in the stomach and in the intestine, of various sizes (some are difficult to see through the human eye) . The most common are:


The eggs of the digestive system worms are found in the faeces of the sick animal. As soon as he comes into contact with another creature, he can “move una to his next guest. Therefore, to prevent your pet from catching worms, you must closely monitor your pet in the park and in other animals.


It can also pass from small animals such as mice or from mother to offspring ( with breast milk or placenta).


kaşınan köpek


When people ask veterinarians what to do to prevent their pets from catching worms, veterinarians often offer similar treatments for all situations.


There are preventive treatments to be performed each month, as well as other measures that you can take:



  • To reduce the risk of contamination clean the feces in the garden.

  • Clean the sandbox of your cat and cover it when not in use.

  • Wash your hand thoroughly after cleaning the genital area of ​​your animal.

  • Take your dog or cat to the vet twice a year for general inspection.

  • Follow the vaccination schedule .

  • Note that there are no mice or rats in your home.

  • Use internal antiparasitic drugs. They may be in the form of pills, pastes or straws for external use.

  • Clean the food containers used by your dog.


How to prevent parasites in dogs and cats: External microorganisms


These creatures are usually seen in summer or hot weather because they can reproduce faster. Examples of external parasites that affect our pets are fleas, ticks, and even mosquitoes, lice and mites .


External parasites can cause many diseases, as well as symptoms such as allergies and skin reactions. It can also cause anemia and itching, damage to the body, fatigue and babesyosis, or injuries (two fatal diseases) due to the amount of blood they consume .


parazitlenmiş kedi


It is very important to prevent the proliferation of external parasites in our pets. The good news is that there are different ways you can do as long as you apply it correctly:



  • Pipette (effective for one month)

  • Scabies leash (effective for six months)

  • Anti-mosquito sprays (can be effective for up to eight weeks)

  • Pills (Effect lasts thirty days)


More useful tips


We also recommend that you take the following precautions to prevent external parasites from affecting your cat or dog:



  1. Squeeze citronella spray around your home to keep mosquitoes away from home.

  3. Do not keep water in the containers too long because these containers attract insects.

  5. Intermittently wash your pet with flea shampoo or similar shampoo (never use human shampoo).

  7. Reduce your pet’s contact with stray animals as much as possible.

  9. Get all your vaccinations to keep your immune system strong.

  11. If you have more than one animal in your home, treat each of them with parasites.

  13. Clean your cat’s and dog’s items (bedding, sandbox, food container, etc.) very well.

  15. Take your animal to the vet twice a year for routine checks .


If you’ve been wondering how to prevent parasites in cats and dogs, we think you’ve learned a lot of useful information! I hope you will not be defeated by these microorganisms!









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