How to Stop Chewing Dogs


Everyone loves well-trained, quiet and calm dogs. If they can control their impulse to attract people’s attention, we find them even more adorable. But not always. Dogs may chew things and do it too often.


Dogs chewing things may be due to many reasons. Here we will address this issue in our article today. You don’t have to worry that solutions are too strict for your dog because it’s a simple behavioral problem.


Why do dogs chew things?


This is a normal problem for puppies of 3 months and younger. It is very natural and common at that stage of life, because they know the world around them in this way. But that is not the only reason. Dogs to relieve the trouble of teething to start chewing everything.


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This is the way a puppy discovers himself. A dog learns or knows what his habits will be as he knows his environment and develops in this area . In addition, a dog’s mouth is equivalent to a human’s sense of touch, so chewing is completely normal.


It is true that puppies chew almost everything, but what about adult dogs? In theory, these animals should know more about the environment around them. So why are they chewing things? There are many reasons for this.


Attention or boredom, how can you distinguish?


Dogs are very social animals who like to make friends and have fun. A problem in our society is that we cannot always provide these needs. So, dogs are bored and chewing everything they find because they want us to take care of them.


Usually, dogs chew things happen in two very special cases. First, when you get home, you’ll see the dog scatter all over your house. In the other case, when you get home your dog welcomes you and then starts chewing something.


It is easy to distinguish whether a dog is troubled by things because he is anxious or wants to draw our attention. In the first case it is clear that the dog is worried about being alone. In the second case he is trying to get your attention. It is not difficult to deal with both problems.


Compulsive chewing treatment


First of all, it should be understood that punishing these animals will cause more harm than good because the dog will continue to respond in the same way. Positive encouragement is your best ally to deal with compulsive chewing.


Now that we have clarified this fact, let’s think for a moment: Do you spend a lot of time away from home? Separation anxiety is a recurrent problem in dogs left alone at home for a long time without anything to do. The dog chews things to help pass the time.


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In more serious cases, they may even start chewing their own limbs and crippling themselves. However, if you deal with this problem in time, you can prevent it from growing.



  • Consider leaving many different types of toys to distract your pet while you are away from home. If your dog tends to chew things and you can’t afford to buy toys, you can do it yourself with recycled materials.

  • Leave the radio on or play some music. This will revive and calm the human presence around the dog.

  • If you have the means to do so, consider buying another pet . Another dog or even a cat are great options to entertain your dog for a few hours.


When it comes to concern, it is easy to deal with . But when your dog really wants to get attention, things change a bit. You should use more direct methods for this. However, you should never let them feel punished.



  • You should teach your dog to be respectful. It is a natural tendency for dogs to chew things and they do not know what the limits are. So it’s your job to teach them what is right and what is wrong in the first stage of life. In this way, you can prevent the animal from developing this behavior beyond a certain age.

  • If chewing is absolutely necessary, look for objects to chew . Don’t let them chew on shoes or clothes that you don’t use because they will think it would be right to chew other similar things.

  • Try to correct this behavior before it progresses . Raising your voice will usually work to scold your dog. If it is absolutely necessary to touch, lightly touch the nose.


As you can see, it’s easier to stop chewing your dog than you think. It just takes a little patience. Your dog needs to be strong-willed to understand what we want from them.








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