How to Stop Your Dog's Eating Obsession


You’ve probably seen your dog swallow his food all at once. After putting the food container, it closes in like it was the last time eating. You probably don’t understand why he’s acting like this. If you want to control this obsessive eating situation, read this article to learn about some tips and directions.


Why do dogs obsessively eat?


As mentioned in different articles, dogs are descended from wolves . In other words, some of their behaviors appear in their DNA and are not easy to get rid of. Eating obsession is one of them. Wolves are wild animals and are obsessed with food because of the natural law that olan the strong survives ”.


Wolves quickly eat what they catch, so that other hunters or sometimes other wolves do not eat their prey. The reason for this is that they will not know when to eat again. Unfortunately, this gave them the obsession of eating food that is now seen in dogs.


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Also, this behavior may not make sense because you feed your dog at the same time every day. This obsession with eating seems to have been deeply engraved in them, so you might think that they will never be saved.


Other reasons for your dog’s obsessive eating habit


If your dog wasn’t obsessed with food before and suddenly became obsessed with food, here’s why:



  • Stress. A stressed dog eats . Stress can be caused by a trauma, an accident, an act or the arrival of a new pet at home.

  • Drugs. Some medications that you give to your dog containing corticoids may give him nervousness, which may cause him to tend to eat.

  • Disease. Diabetes and other diseases can cause your dog to eat.


What can you do about your dog’s obsessive eating behavior?


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Once you understand that your dog’s obsession with eating is normal and affects many dogs, you should learn what steps you need to take to help him. This is very important because obsessive eating can cause problems such as obesity, diarrhea and stomach bloating.


The following are simple steps for you:



  • Have your exercise done. If the dog is in good shape, this will help calm the food obsession. Exercise is healthy and will help you keep it in shape and eat it calmly.

  • Break your food. Your dog thinks eating once a day is not enough and may not know when to eat it again. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to divide the food into portions and feed it several times a day. Don’t give him more food than he needs; just divide the amount you normally give into portions.

  • Replace the food. If the formula is too much, it can easily swallow everything at once. You can find food at pet shops that will be difficult to eat at once.

  • Feed him. If you have tried these methods and none works, feed your dog by hand. Take two or three pieces of formula and give it slowly. After a few weeks he will get used to eating slowly.


Changing any behavior requires patience and effort. So, because you’re a dedicated owner and you care about his health, it probably won’t happen to you.









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