How to Teach Your Dog to Wear a Mouthpiece


Occasionally, there is nothing you can do for some dogs other than using a mouthpiece . Therefore, it is very important to teach your dog to wear a mouthpiece .


Some dogs need to wear a mouthpiece for the rest of their lives, while some dogs only wear it for a while . In both cases, you will need a mouthpiece to take your dog out and allow them to socialize safely with other dogs and people.
Potentially dangerous dogs are required to wear a mouthpiece for their entire life . Nevertheless, a mouthpiece should never be used as a punishment.


Teaching Your Dog To Wear Mouthpiece


The mouthpiece is something worn on a dog’s nose and is not generally comfortable. To teach your dog how to wear a muzzle, you need to make sure that the dog does not see it as a negative thing or as a [194590012] penalty method.


If your dog feels uncomfortable when he goes for a walk and has never worn a mouthpiece then he will most likely not enjoy his walk.


In such a case, your dog will try to remove the mouthpiece, he will get angry, not get close enough to smell something properly and will be formally unhappy. Everyone knows that walking is one of the dog’s favorite parts of the day.


Remember, if a dog needs to wear a muzzle, it does not mean that they are really dangerous . There are many reasons why a dog should wear a muzzle and make their behavior more predictable. For example, has the potential to be dangerous , regardless of the character of the dog breeds, it is required by law to wear mouthpieces in public places throughout their lives.


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Types of Mouthpieces


To teach your dog how to wear a mouthpiece, you must first learn what type of mouthpiece you will use. There are many different kinds of mouthpieces to choose from; , but ideally you should use a basket-type mouthpiece with an opening on the front . This way you can give them reward food when you go out with your dog after wearing a muzzle for the first time . Thus, the dog can establish a positive relationship with the mouthpiece.


Introducing the Mouthpiece


Before putting your dog in a muzzle for the first time, you should introduce your dog to the mouthpiece at home or in a safe and familiar environment for your dog. The mouthpiece is a very interesting item and wearing it is certainly not pleasant. Therefore, before taking a walk with your dog your dog must be familiar with the mouthpiece; otherwise, he will spend the entire gait trying to remove the mouthpiece.


Try to give the impression that the muzzle is just one of the other household items to make your dog accustomed to the muzzle . Leave the mouthpiece in a place where the dog can reach between other toys and other household items so that the dog can see and smell it.


Next, place a few prize food or some delicious food in the mouthpiece to attract the dog’s attention. Afterwards, you can start placing reward items [194590019] in the mouthpiece . This way, your dog will get a good impression of the mouthpiece when you put it in the mouthpiece for the first time. So don’t force your dog to wear a muzzle. Allow the dog to approach the mouthpiece and put it on itself.


When your dog has no problem wearing a muzzle try giving your dog reward food through the opening in the front . Then, make sure the dog receives the prize with the mouthpiece attached and continue to give the prize food in this way. In this way, although the mouthpiece disturbs him, he will still see that it is worth the endurance.


Repeat these steps several times. After a while your dog will easily learn to establish a relationship between the mouthpiece and something he loves. Likewise, after wearing the mouthpiece several times, it will not be so uncomfortable for your dog.


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 Games Playing With Mouthpiece

Wearing a mouthpiece does not have to be used as a punishment. In fact, the mouthpiece is basically just a safety measure. Therefore, even if your dog wears a muzzle, remember to play plenty of games with him. Show him that he is not punished and that he can have fun and play with you even when he wears a mouthpiece.


If you only wear the mouthpiece while walking and don’t play with your dog at all, your dog will eventually get the idea that nothing is fun when he wears a mouthpiece. He’s probably going to hate to wear a mouthpiece and he won’t even want to go for a walk. It is easy to establish a positive relationship with the mouthpiece.


If you are not on a walk, playing with your dog with a muzzle or wearing a muzzle is a good way to teach your dog how to wear a muzzle. Make sure that this habit does not break.


The Mouthpiece and Other People


When you go for a walk with a dog wearing a muzzle, you will suddenly come across many people who are afraid. Other dog owners will probably not want to get close to you ; because they see the mouthpiece as a sign of danger. However, this may not be the case. By law, there are many dogs that need to wear a mouthpiece in public areas, even if they are not aggressive.


If your dog is not an aggressive dog at all, these practices are indeed unfair. There are a few things you can do to keep your dog exposed to less suspicious looks:



  • Make the mouthpiece less noticeable and choose a mouthpiece of the same color as your dog’s color.

  • Decorate the mouthpiece in beautiful colors.

  • Take your dog for a walk with another dog that does not wear a muzzle. This means that there is nothing worrying about your dog .

  • Avoid walking in places with people. If your dog doesn’t like it, you should stay away from other people or dogs. In this way, you save yourself from a lot of problems and reduce your dog’s stress level.


As with a collar, the mouthpiece is an artificial thing. It is essential to teach your dog to wear a muzzle; so that your dog can be like himself during the walk . This is not a very difficult process and your dog will have a better quality of life.









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