How to Train a Short Haired German Pointer?


Because of his natural desire to be an alpha dog, the short-haired German pointer needs special training. So he knows his place in the house and how to follow orders from the owners. In this article, we will share tips on how to train these dogs.


How to Train a Short-haired German Pointer?


These dogs are typically noble, obedient, and intelligent. They love to please their owners and they are very good friends. These qualities mean that it is not difficult to train them. However, it is important to be patient, persistent and compassionate for best results.


Teaching the Basic Commands


In addition to these qualities, the short-haired German pointer is a keen dog who is very keen to play because of their energies . They can be very restless and mischievous, or even mischievous.


To control this behavior, it is very important to teach basic commands such as “sit”, “yacht” and “stay”. So you can give one of these commands immediately when they start to move. They are really smart dogs, so it doesn’t take them long to learn these commands.

 Control of Hunting Instincts


The short-haired German pointer is genetically designed for hunting, and you must control this instinct if you are not going to use them for hunting. Otherwise, they may terrify you with gifts such as dead animals brought from the street or your garden.


kısa tüylü Alman pointeri arazide


To entertain your dog, you can use toys, such as Kong, to put food into it, then hide the toy and ask your dog to find it. It’s not as easy as as it seems, so it will keep your dog quite busy.


Of course, you don’t really have to get rid of this instinct. It’s part of your dog’s personality. Therefore, it would be cruel to eliminate hunting completely. In fact, all you have to do is give your dog something to warn him about.




The short-haired German Pointeri genus also needs to do many exercises to channel its energies and to keep bones and joints healthy. Long walks, swim or running are the best physical activities for a short-haired German pointer.


kısa tüylü Alman pointeri cinsi


Controlling the barking


The short-haired German pointer barked continuously and unnecessarily . So this is the only negative side of the dog. If you do not want to deal with this problem for the sake of your neighbors, you will need to learn how to control it.


You can teach the dog two commands: barking and being quiet. Most people use a short word “talk” or “bark”, “silence” or ol be quiet için to stop their dogs.

 Leash Usage


One of the main problems with large dogs is that the dog takes over this task where the owner will take him for a walk. To prevent this from happening, you need to teach your dog the short-haired German pointer not to pull his collar.


This will probably require more patience on your behalf. It’s not easy to teach, but as long as you insist, you will succeed.




The short-haired German pointer is a powerful dog and knows it himself. This means that they tend to see themselves as alpha dogs. To prevent such behavior, you should socialize with other dogs and people from a small age.


It is always a good idea to get advice from your veterinarian about taking your puppy to the park with other dogs. Of course, do not bring your dog together with other dogs without having all their vaccinations.


Some people are afraid to buy a large dog because of the negative behavior they may have . But don’t worry, it’s an ideal breed as a pet. Short-haired German pointer is a breed of dog that will not cause problems if properly trained.








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