How to Treat Demodicosis in Dogs


When people hear the word demodicosis , they may think it is a very serious and highly contagious disease. However, demodectic scabies (also known as dog demodicosis or red scabies) is a relatively common complaint and is easily treatable in many cases. In this article, we will talk about the causes, diagnosis and current treatments.


What are the causes of demodicosis?


What causes this is the demodex scab, exactly Demodex Canis genus. These microscopic organisms live on the roots of the hairs of many mammal species.


It is not unusual for this scabies to be seen in our four-legged friends. However, in many cases can keep your dog’s immune system numbers to a minimum.


If for some reason (such as immunodeficiency) the scabies population starts to get out of control, it can become an invasion. This insect can severely damage your pet’s skin and, if left untreated, may eventually lead to demodicosis .


demodex canis

 Symptoms of demodicosis

Demodicosis can affect dogs of any age. Regional demodicosis usually occurs in puppies and dogs under two years of age. The most common symptoms are hair loss and inflammation of the skin, mostly in the head and paws.


Your pet will most likely suffer from pruritis . This is a form of intense and continuous itching in a medical way. This type of scabies is quite good-natured and usually self-improving over time.


On the other hand, general demodicosis can be very serious and affects adult dogs . It may begin to spread throughout the body, or even affect the soft tissue under the paws and paws.


tedavi gören köpek


In this case, the skin lesion is more serious and may even develop into deep bleeding wounds. All these symptoms are usually accompanied by fever, general discomfort and continuous licking of the affected area.



 Fortunately, it is quite clear to diagnose demodicosis. A veterinarian can simply confirm the presence of demotex scabies by looking at a skin sample of your dog. Normally, they take samples from the most affected area so that the most accurate diagnosis can be made.

At this point, if you have noticed any of the above symptoms in your pet, we would like you to take him to the vet and thus emphasize the importance of starting treatment as soon as possible.

 Treatment of demodicosis

Because it causes a number of secondary infections, treatment of demodicosis may change. Its regional or general impact on the designated treatment plan. Although regional demodicosis has disappeared over time, your veterinarian may recommend an antiparasitic medicinal shampoo to clear the infection.


demodikozis sonrası iyileşen köpek


If your pet suffers from general scabies, the veterinarian will in most cases recommend an amitraz bath. This can relieve antiparasitic symptoms, but there are some negative side effects.


Since many animals suffer from chronic demodicosis, the products used are more designed to relieve symptoms. The main cause of the condition is normally related to the endangered immune system.


It is important to check your pet regularly after treatment has started to ensure that the number of scabies is reduced. Because it is quite difficult to prevent demodicosis . Make sure your pet has a high quality life with healthy eating, daily exercise, lots of love and attention.


Finally, if you have any doubts or concerns about your dog, it is important to have them checked again. Your veterinarian is always the best person you can talk to.









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