How Your Dog Becomes More Friendly


Every afternoon when you return home from work, you decide to go for a walk with your best (hairy) friend, so both of you can exercise and maybe even meet new people… Why not? But when you go to the park, you need to come back as soon as possible because your dog doesn’t want to make friends – in fact the opposite is the case. There is a similar situation when you have guests coming to your visit. Then what you are wondering is this; How can you help your dog become more friendly? Read on to find out.


Some Tips to Help Your Dog Become More Friendly and Social


They say that pets resemble their owners, but sometimes this does not apply. Especially when you want to make new friends or a good host, when your dog is interrupted by bad mood or anti-social personality. If this is like what you’ve been through, don’t worry because you can reverse it.


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1. Apply the Penal and Reward System


If your hairy friend starts to behave aggressively when another dog is approaching you while walking on the street, you should say “no yüksek with a loud and serious tone, so your dog understands that he doesn’t have the right attitude. On the other hand, celebrate your dog with a reward when interacts smoothly with each other, sniffs each other, and allows other dogs to smell him . This way your dog understands what is right and what is wrong.


2. Keep Your Dog’s Leash Loose


If your pet is very aggressive and anti-social behavior, perhaps you keep him very close. When a dog feels a tight, short leash, it associates it with a danger or a problem, and therefore, the dog reacts aggressively. If you hold your dog’s collar too tight, you will not have the option to approach and companion to other dogs. Keep in mind that it should be situation-oriented rather than an animal, but do not restrict the dog’s freedom to move.


3. Allow your dog to be social


Your pet will act consciously or unconsciously depending on how you trained him and what you instilled in him. If you have not allowed your pet to interact with other dogs during periods of puppies , it will be more difficult for them to behave socially in crowded environments. Therefore, even if you do it slowly, you must allow your dog to approach other dogs.
Another option is to go to the dog-friendly areas of the parks and allow your dog to interact with peers. If you observe symptoms such as bite, beating or showing your teeth, you should be alert to your dog’s behavior. If dogs only know each other, let them socialize until they observe any possible aggressive situation. If they can’t agree, you have to separate the animals at this point.

 4. Make a Friend for Your Pet

If you have the desire and choice to own another pet (a dog or cat doesn’t matter), feel free to do so, so your pet will be more friendly. In many cases dogs are not social because they do not interact and share with their species and are therefore reluctant to play with them. In this process you will be providing a loving home to one of thousands of stray dogs or cats .


5. Have your dog involved in the fun


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If your dog gets aggressive or lurkes under the table when your guests arrive, you should not let them continue this behavior. Well, what can you do? As a first step, you should help your dog get to know your guests and make sure your guests are not afraid of them. As the host and the owner of the dog, it is your responsibility to prevent your dog from barking or biting at your guests.


Help your pet understand that guests are friends and that they love her. If your dog is hiding under the furniture, wait for it to get used to the environment for a while and then start calling your dog slowly so that you can save time so as not to scare your guests and cause any attacks.


6. Join Socialization Lessons to Make Your Dog More Friendly


Although it sounds a little strange , there are even schools that will help your dog become more friendly. These courses are offered in community centers, private lounges and parks, pet stores, and veterinary clinics .


Thanks to these classes, dogs can communicate with other animals and humans, play, have a great time, and associate their interaction with something positive. These classes are also perfect for shy dog ​​owners, or people who have difficulty making friends, because you’ll definitely meet pretty good people around here.









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