If your dog doesn't eat dog food


When was the last time your dog ate dog food? Sometimes your dog doesn’t eat dog food unless he wants to. However, there may be many reasons for this loss of appetite. Without a balanced diet your dog may become ill. So if your dog doesn’t eat dog food, you should take your dog to the vet to avoid further complications


If your dog does not eat dog food


Dog food is processed food suitable for animal consumption. It is simply a mixture of different food products consisting of organic or inorganic substances that may contain dog food additives.


Some dog food is produced to fully meet the nutritional requirements of an animal . However, there are other foods that complement the diet of pets.


Therefore, dog food is made with different raw materials and production processes. This means that the food is different h and dog owners must choose the food they will give their dogs well. [194590010] The nutritional needs of a puppy of a small breed of dog will not be the same as those of a large old dog.


önünde mama olan köpek


If your dog does not eat dog food, this can have many reasons. As a dog owner, you need to closely monitor your dog’s behavior. This allows you to notice unusual behaviors that explain anorexia.


If a dog has completely stopped eating and drinking water, take it to the vet immediately. Sudden food and lack of fluid may be a symptom of other serious diseases. It is therefore important that an expert assess your dog.


One reason why dogs do not eat may be a small wound in their mouth. Thoroughly examine your dog’s teeth and gums. If you have an unusual redness or loose tooth, you can understand why it is anorexia.


See if there is a change in the appearance of your dog. Alteration of feather tissues, a dry nose or irrigated eyes are indicative of other diseases . If your dog is experiencing one of these, call the vet immediately.


If your dog does not eat his food, dry food may be impaired


The reason for your dog’s lack of appetite may be food itself. Check to see if it’s degraded. Also check the expiration date on the box. Smell the food and examine its color. If you suspect it is broken, throw it away and buy a new package.


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If you have recently changed your dog’s food, he may not want to eat the new food. Maybe you didn’t like the smell or the taste.


Dogs are animals of habits and routines. Therefore they always want to eat the same food and do not welcome sudden changes. If this is the case for your dog, try mixing the old food with the new food for a few days. Thus, your dog does not experience a sudden change.


While many dogs are accustomed to eating human or homemade dog food, they refuse to eat food. Your dog will always prefer home cooking over dry food.


Tips for relieving your dog’s lack of appetite


If your dog does not eat because of a health problem you should go to the vet immediately. Some symptoms include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, constant chills, dry or very moist mouth and eyes, pale gums.


Feel free to take your dog to the emergency room.


If your dog does not eat food, try the following simple solutions:



  • New food: Since your dog will refuse new food, always change it to to practice . Mix the old food with the new food before completely changing the food. In this way, your dog will gradually get used to food.

  • Different odors and tastes: The senses of dogs, especially smell, are well developed. The flavors are a favorite. You must follow your dog’s preference to choose the right food for your dog.

  • Low or high fat content in food: Try to give foods that contain nutritional values ​​similar to their old food. This advice applies to owners who change their dog’s food for health-related reasons. It does not apply to changes made as a result of veterinary control.

  • Sensitivity to a content : If your dog does not eat food when you change it slowly, try changing the food . It is possible that your dog is allergic or sensitive to a material in the food.









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