Importance of Early Stimulants in Puppy Training


In this article, we will talk about some simple techniques to get the best out of your new friend: early stimulants


Early stimulants in puppies: what?


Most of the techniques used here are used in the training of professional dogs . Professional dogs are dogs that support the army, fire, or police forces.


Use these techniques to make good use of your puppy’s learning skills. And watch them learn by reacting to different stimuli. When they are old enough to start active duty, they will show a great tendency to continuous learning.


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But early stimulants in puppies do not mean to teach them some commands or tricks , but they are tools to teach them to live in a community. And these stimulants help ensure their safety and learn how to manage the situation when they encounter external stimuli.


The Benefits of Early Stimulators in Puppies



  • Improves the robustness and robustness of cardiovascular systems.

  • Adrenaline-secreting glands strengthen.

  • Encourages correct behavior.

  • Improves stress tolerance and ability to work under stress.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • It supports their physical and emotional development .


Are early stimulants safe in puppies?


These exercises are painless and safe and have been developed by experts to meet complex expectations. On the other hand, applying them requires tremendous care not to jeopardize the health of the animal.


Early stimuli in puppies means that the animal is released and faces a wide variety of stimuli. Since the dog’s defense mechanisms will not yet be fully developed and the necessary vaccines will not be more complete – this release should be highly controlled so as not to harm the puppy’s health.


In the first four weeks of life, experts recommend introducing puppies to other dogs. Or at least with other members of her own family. However, you can only do this if the other dogs are vaccinated and healthy. It is extremely important to avoid unfamiliar animals or those without a comprehensive health program.


In the early days walks should be short. And the walk should be done in a calm and controlled environment. You should also prevent the puppy from smelling the urine or feces of other animals.


On the other hand, it is not right to be overprotective. Of course, this applies to early age education. It is not a good idea to carry your dog in a bag while walking. You should also stay away from any fear that you feel about the circumstances and may pass to the dog. However, to some extent, a sense of risk is necessary to improve the puppy’s confidence and security.


Some simple early stimulating exercises for puppies


The following early stimuli are used by the US Army for puppy training. The aim of this training is to encourage animals to develop self-confidence in the first weeks of their lives without compromising their health. Since security forms the basis of this method, these simple techniques are not very dependent on external factors.


The method can be easily applied at home, as long as you are very careful not to damage the animal. For best results, perform these tune once a day during the first two weeks of the puppy’s life.


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1 – Thermal stimulators


Before starting this exercise, place a towel in the refrigerator to cool it . The exercise consists of a towel wrapped around the four legs of the puppy for five minutes. During this exercise it is very important to prevent the puppy’s movements.


2 – Tactile stimuli


You should start the exercise by holding the puppy with one hand. Then, we should stimulate each of the four paws using diapers. This stimulus should last three to five seconds.


Head positions


3 – Head in the upright position


This first position exercise should not be performed for more than 5 seconds at a time. Very simple: Hold the puppy gently with both hands and raise the head at right angles to the ground.


4 – Downward looking dog


This is very similar to the first exercise. With both hands grasp the puppy gently and hold it with its head facing the ground. Likewise, do not practice this exercise for more than five seconds. As you can see, these exercises don’t have to last long – it’s important that you practice them regularly and in an authoritative way.


5- Horizontal position


This is the last position exercise. Hold the puppy with both hands on its back. Perform this for three to five seconds.


Early stimuli will help your new furry friend prepare for education in the early days of his life and take a path to better adulthood behaviors. If you want to live a happy life together, you should invest in his education right from the start.









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