Increasing Your Dog's Intelligence


Dogs are sensitive, intelligent creatures. They can learn a lot of different tasks, numbers and activities. But like humans , they need to be well educated and encouraged to fully develop their cognitive, emotional and social potential . Today we will tell you a few ways to increase your dog’s intelligence.


Exploring the outside world


Just like humans, dogs use their senses to perceive and understand the world around them. Every time you take your dog for a walk, he “discovers” the universe of all stimuli and senses. He also interacts with other dogs and people, which is a good way to socially encourage your dog.


So walks are very important for reviving your dog’s sensory, cognitive and social skills . This will also help keep healthy and prevent common diseases.


Training is the best way to increase your dog’s intelligence


Training is the most complete form of learning a dog can receive . When you teach him the basic commands of obedience, you teach his mind to learn, memorize, and do tasks. Your dog’s knowledge of the training will also play an important role in respecting the rules of the house, and in return your dog will have a positive living environment.


Toys that increase your dog’s intelligence without leaving the house


As mentioned earlier, physical activity is an important part of your dog’s mental and physical health. But you can also activate your dog’s intelligence without leaving the house and use it to have fun while you’re away.


köpeğinizin zekasını artıran oyuncaklar


There are many interactive toys that stimulate your dog’s cognitive and sensory muscles. In addition to helping you train your dog, these toys also combat symptoms of stress , boredom and separation anxiety.


There are many ideas about toys that are good companions to mentally stimulate your pet , such as:


1. The Tic Tac Board


This is a classic game and there are several versions with different names. This is a small board with mainly wheels or spins . When your dog spins these wheels with their nose or paws, it gives a wooden reward.


The aim is to let your dog understand, memorize and perform the actions required to receive the prize. This may seem simple, but it can be extremely useful to your dog.



  • First of all, it helps keep your dog active and entertaining while you are not at home.

  • It also prevents your dog from eating too fast and having digestive problems.

  • Finally, it stimulates the sense of smell that is particularly good at a young age.


2nd KONG


This simple toy is extremely useful for increasing your dog’s intelligence and avoiding separation anxiety . It also helps you teach good eating habits by preventing your dog from eating and vomiting too quickly.


KONG ile oynayan köpek ve sahibi


Before you give KONG to your dog, you must put food or reward food in it. The aim is to reward your dog by letting him figure out how to remove the food.


It is also completely safe, so you can leave it around while you are away . It is a customized toy for every dog ​​that spends a lot of time alone and needs to remain mentally active.


3. Bionic Toys for Energetic Dogs


Bionic toys use mechanics and engineering to simulate the movements of something alive . A great “companion için for dogs without a furry companion to play. It is usually made of flexible, tooth-resistant material.


When it comes to bionic dog toys, there are many sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that best fits your dog’s size and age.


4. The Top Cube Ball ”


The logic of this toy is basically the same as that of KONG. Your dog must figure out how to get the ball out of the cube. This is extremely challenging and fun for the dog’s mind.


These games and activities may seem simple, but can be quite difficult for dogs. Using them can also help to increase your dog’s intelligence.









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