Interactive Dog Toys


In pet stores you can find expensive types of toys, such as puzzles. These toys can initially be difficult for your dog, especially for puppies, because they become angry after losing the game several times.


In addition, you can easily make interactive toys from recycled products for your dog. You can look at a few toys below or use some creativity and imagination to produce other ideas.

 Interactive dog toys

Interactive toy is an object that the dog must run in a certain way to get a prize. To do this, the dog will have to use smell, intelligence and body sense.


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Interactive toys for dogs


Smell is very important to dogs because they can calm them when they smell. It helps them to rest and is good for relieving stress. When they win the game and receive a prize, their confidence increases and they feel happy.


How to use interactive toys


To create an interactive toy, consider the following factors:


Your dog will eventually win the game. The goal is to let your dog solve the problem and win a prize. The idea is to get your dog started with easy challenges. If it’s hard to solve the puzzle, try playing it at a lower level. Therefore, it is best to start with easy degrees and gradually progress to difficult levels.


Make sure it is not boring. It is not so much fun for your dog to win easily. Therefore, you must make puzzles difficult as your dog becomes more capable. Make sure you use interesting interactive toys so your dog is motivated to win prizes at all levels.


Choose a toy that is the right size for your dog. You cannot give a German shepherd the same toy as Chihuahua . According to the size of your dog, create a suitable and accessible game for him.


Make a safe toy. Do not use any toxic or hazardous materials when making your dog’s toy. Likewise, make sure there are no sharp edges.


Interactive dog toys should always be used under your supervision and should not be played for more than 10 minutes a day as they can be frustrating and stressful. You can start creating your own dog toys by selecting the rewards your dog wants.


Homemade interactive dog toys

 Here are 5 homemade game suggestions using recycled materials:


  • Tracking. This is the easiest game to get started. You can spread a few rewards on the floor and let your dog look for them. You should not give your dog orders during the game. Your dog should put his nose to work and find all the rewards. Once your dog understands how the game works and how to find all the rewards, you can increase the difficulty.

  • Award in the newspaper ball. Put the prize into an old newspaper and turn it into a ball. Hide the ball you made. The newspaper works better than other paper types. If your dog eats the newspaper with the prize, it is thinner and less dangerous than other papers. Remember, make the ball loose and make it easier to find the prize by placing various treats. As your dog learns, you can make compact newspaper balls with fewer prizes.

 Interactive dog toys with recycled materials


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  • The prize in a box. For humans, a box does not pose a major obstacle. However, getting into a box can be difficult for dogs. Drop prizes into a box. Jump into your dog and let him find them. If this level is too easy, place the box upside down. In this way the dog is forced to find out how to knock him over.

  • Award in the bottle. First you need an empty and clean plastic bottle. Drill a few holes in the bottle and drop the rewards into it. The dog can receive his rewards by rolling or flipping the bottle. Remember that toys must be safe . Therefore, make sure there are no sharp edges when drilling. You should also remove the plastic ring from the neck of the bottle.

  • Award for hanging bottles. With this toy, you will teach your dog how to flip bottles to get rewards inside. To hang the three empty plastic bottles, place a stick on the sides of the bottles and hang them with the opening of the bottle facing up. After putting the awards in the bottle, your dog will have to decide how to push and shake to pour the bottles.


Interactive dog toys are ideal for creating healthy and useful games. If you adapt the toys to your dog’s abilities, you will both entertain him and improve your mood and your relationship with your dog.









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