Introducing your baby to your pet


Pets should never feel that a new baby is taking his place. If they do, this can lead to behavioral problems in the pet, which can cause unrest at home.


Some of the families who learn to have a new baby are still leaving their pets or trying to find a new family for them. Unfortunately, these families do not realize that pets and babies can be very good friends . Since first impressions are very important, in this article we will give you information about how to introduce your baby to your pet.


Your pet knows that a new baby will join the family


You should keep in mind the fact that your pet knows that a new baby is coming to the family. It is known that dogs can understand that a woman is pregnant before she even learns herself.


Animals are very observant creatures and have a special sense of smell that is not present in humans. Both your dog and your cat know that there is a growing baby inside you. They smell of hormonal changes and notice the slowly changing body of a pregnant woman.


Since your pet knows that a new baby is coming home, technically you don’t need to introduce your pet to your new baby. Nevertheless, you need to take some precautions to get used to this new situation at home.


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Changes after the arrival of the baby


The arrival of a new baby changes the life of the parents as well as the domestic pets in the house. Changes begin before the baby is born. In the weeks before birth, there is someone who is almost constantly interested in the pet in the house, and maybe he plays plenty of games and takes walks.


Subsequently, left the house alone at midnight when everyone was in the hospital. Such changes can cause great stress in the domestic animal and cause behavioral disorders such as excessive barking or aggression.


It may be a good idea to ask a friend or family friend to visit your pet so that your pet does not feel lonely . If you have a dog, someone needs to feed him and meet other needs, as well as take him for a walk and play games.


Another advice that is often given is to bring home new rules before the baby is born. For example, if your dog is not allowed to enter a room, teach him to stay away from it a few weeks in advance. If such changes are applied gradually, it will be easier to learn.


Precautions you need to take before introducing your baby to your pet


Even if your pet knows that a new baby is coming soon, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention when introducing them. Cats and dogs do not want to harm a member of the family, but an accident may occur. Therefore, precautions should be taken.


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To introduce them safely, you should keep the following in mind:


Introduce them in a quiet environment, and prevent your pet from getting excited. If tense, accidents are more likely to occur.


If your pet does not want to meet your baby, leave him alone. He already knows that a new member has joined the family; You do not have to apply pressure to approach your baby.

 Make your pet feel that it is still important

Your great interest in your baby and the long time you spend with it will cause you to not be able to spend as much time with your pet as it used to, and this may upset your pet. Animals want to practice their usual routines and receive attention.


Although it takes a lot of time to take care of your baby, do not neglect your pet. Play games with your cat as before, don’t shorten the length of your dog walks. Ask for help from a friend or relative who has time.

 It doesn’t matter whether you have a cat or a dog, the rule is the same for all pets: Make them feel loved and important. If you fail to do so, you will probably have behavioral problems aimed at attracting your attention. We recommend that you give him the attention he needs to avoid such a problem.

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Always observe


If your pet loves your baby very much and welcomes his arrival, you should always stand by and watch over them. Because there may be accidents or misunderstandings between them that you should prevent.


For example, most cats want to sleep next to babies, and sometimes they can climb onto babies or accidentally hit them with their tails. Similar events can occur with dogs, for example, when dogs approach babies, they may inadvertently draw them or slobber all over your baby in seconds.


To keep your baby completely safe, even when your baby grows up, you need to keep an eye on your pet. Do not put too much pressure on your pet to prevent him from suffocating. Create a peaceful environment so that you don’t jump out of excitement and scratch something.


Animals can recognize that a woman is pregnant and recognize the new member of the family before they are born. However, do not forget to take safety precautions when introducing your baby to your pet, be sure to observe them to prevent accidents and misunderstandings.









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