Is it Right to Drink Soup to Dogs?


Dogs usually don’t mind eating the same thing every day, but the owners may want to give them different dishes once in a while. You can make a different surprise for your dog by making a soup . Dogs may also be given soup for health reasons.


Instead of powdered and canned prepared soups, it is a healthier option to prepare the soup with everything. Nearly all packaged products contain substances that are harmful to your dog.

 Salt: The archenemy

Before preparing soup for dogs, you must learn what ingredients you can put in . The most damaging material to your dog is salt.


Dogs can digest small amounts of salt without problems, but higher amounts of salt can lead to poisoning. Vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite are some of the symptoms of moderate poisoning with salt. However, in more dangerous poisonings; kidney damage, crises and even death can be seen.



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Onion and garlic are the other two items you should not put in the soup you will make to your lovely friend. These two vegetables can destroy red blood cells and cause hemolytic anemia in dogs. There is also the possibility that onions and garlic can cause gastric inflammation.


köpeklere çorba içirilmesi

 Soup for dogs as a treatment

As with humans, a dog suffering from health problems can be given soup for therapeutic purposes. Colds, digestive problems, vomiting, diarrhea or solid food consumption and chewing dogs are a good idea to eat as a soup idea.


During the winter months, can also find your flu dog. In this case, soup is a good alternative to chicken broth instead of your dog’s usual food. Chicken broth soup is also good for digestive problems.


Dogs who have stomach problems or who need to be fed lightly may be given soup as well as food. Consumption of dog food and soup together is good for the disease and prevents dehydration.


Can you give your dog only the food you make at home?


Considering certain factors, it is possible to feed your dog only with meals you have prepared yourself. If they do not have any problems dogs should be fed solid food. Unless your veterinarian tells you, just drinking soup will cause malnutrition.


Foods that you buy outside provide all the proteins and nutrients that dogs need for a balanced diet. The food you will prepare at home must also meet the same needs.


köpeğine evde mama hazırlayan adam


Chicken soup with carrot


This easy-to-describe recipe contains vitamins A, E and B, and beta carotene . This soup also contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iodine. Carrot chicken soup will allow your dog to get the calories, fat and amino acids it needs.


This soup is suitable for all dogs. It is especially recommended for dogs who exercise every day and move with their owners . It is also good for dogs that are malnourished or have problems with skin and hair .





  • 250 g of chicken internal organs cut into small pieces (heart, liver)

  • 2 large carrots





  • Wash carrots, peel and chop.

  • Put all ingredients in boiling water and cook for 15 minutes. Allow the soup to cool slightly before serving.

  • Do not miss the amount of soup you give to your dog. A bowl of normal size is enough to put the soup.

  • You can also give some dog food.

  • Soup can wait in the refrigerator for up to three days.

  • Note that you should not add salt or spices in any way.


Rice Soup


This soup is good for dogs with diarrhea. Rice helps your dog to regain its appetite as well as plenty of vitamin E, phosphorus and potassium.





  • 2 cups of rice
  •  250 grams of boneless and skinless chicken or lean beef steak





  • Cook the rice with 5 cups of water.

  • Cut chicken or beef into thin slices and boil with 4 cups of water until thoroughly cooked.

  • Add the rice and keep it on fire for another 5 minutes.

  • Serve after cooling slightly.









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