Is Raw Meat Useful for Dogs?


The ongoing debate over whether dogs are fed the dry food diet or the BARF diet is not clear. Many people wonder if raw meat is healthy for dogs. Some say it is, while others think otherwise. However, in this article we will explain the truth about the sensitive topic of raw meat diet.

 Differences Between BARF and Dry Food

In the BARF diet, animals consume fresh products (mostly raw), including fruits and vegetables. This diet does not include processed foods containing chemical products or preservatives .


Although the BARF diet is particularly applicable to dogs, this option is not the healthiest option for dogs; Most fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides. It is therefore important to give dogs only organic products when applying this diet.


Although dry food is processed, it contains nutrients that are suitable for your dog. It is produced with the aim of strengthening the teeth, bones and joints of dogs, as well as the immune and respiratory system.


The two most obvious differences between such diets are; the time it takes to prepare and how dogs can digest these foods. Although it takes a long time for dogs to digest the BARF diet, it has some health benefits:


kuru mama ve çiğ yiyecekler


In this diet, natural food is given to the animal. In addition, a well-prepared diet contains plenty of fats which are healthy for animals . This makes the stools less smelling and their bodies work better.


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Is Raw Meat Useful for Dogs?


According to many studies, the answer is yes. In fact, the majority of the BARF diet consists of raw meat and uncooked vegetables . In addition, such diets are considered to be healthy for any animal.


However, most skeptical people argue that raw meat is not useful. Continue reading to explore both perspectives.

 Raw Meat is Harmful to Dogs

People come to this conclusion from the fact that raw meat is a carrier of many diseases. According to most people, raw meats contain bacteria and parasites that can cause fatal diseases such as canine neosporosi s.


They also argue that the nutritional value of raw meat does not meet all the nutritional needs of an animal . This is true; therefore, it is recommended in the BARF diet since raw products and fresh products are consumed.


dana kuşbaşı ve mama kabı


On the other hand, some people think that dogs may suffocate while eating raw bone. All these reasons make people think that raw meat diet is not suitable for dogs.

 Raw Meat is Useful for Dogs

On the other side of the coin, some people argue that dogs should eat raw meat. They think that dogs should follow their instincts, as they did before they were domesticated.


The truth is that the bodies of animals are capable of digesting raw meat. However, as mentioned earlier, only raw meat is not enough to create a balanced diet. For this reason, dog owners have to comply with the measurement of 3 parts of raw meat and 1 portion of fresh produce .


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How you want to feed your dog is up to you. If you want to give raw meat, you may need to provide complementary nutrients in order to receive nutrients that raw meat cannot provide.


In conclusion, the answer is yes: Raw meat is useful for dogs. However, it is your decision whether or not to give your dog raw meat. There are many articles on the Internet about how to follow the BARF diet. If you are interested in the BARF diet, we recommend reading articles about it.









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