Is your dog a good hunter?


Have you ever noticed that your dog is very much focused on the movements of birds and insects when you are out? If so, it means that your dog receives instinctive behavior from her wild ancestors, such as herding or hunting. To find out if your dog is a good hunter or not, you can read this article on how to wake up the hunter inside your dog.


What is instinct?


Instinct is the innate urge that all living things have to survive. Through instinct, everyone knows how to deal with situations that nature will face. An instinctive creature, even in its natural habitat, is completely vulnerable.


Therefore, innate impulse or instinct is like a kind of “pure energy.. This power is cyclic: both the cause and effect of the behavior of all animals. Every instinctive behavior is a complete expression of this.


Some instinctive behavior begins as adaptation and is genetically passed on to future generations for the needs of survival in a particular environment. For example, hunting instinct was required to feed wolves and wild dogs.


sahibiyle ava çıkan köpekler


Even some offspring of some breeds may show a natural tendency to some behavior, even if they are not trained to do it . Some Border Collie dogs begin to flock on their own when they are 2 or 3 months old.

 Dogs and hunting instinct

Historically , humans and dogs have been hunted together using their skills jointly to achieve the best results . On their own, dogs and people were strong, but vulnerable. Together, they had rationality, instinct and loyalty, and this helped them to protect themselves. The fate of this relationship was success.


This hunting instinct is encoded in the DNA of almost every dog. However, this does not mean that they should be hunted for feeding. Still, some breeds are naturally better at hunting. The earliest breeds, such as a show or Siberian shepherd, still hold most of these ancestors’ instincts.


How do you know if your dog is a good hunter


By looking at your dog’s genes and behavior, you can tell if he is a good hunter. Here are some tips
to help you notice your hunting instinct in your best friend.


Remember the genes


As we have already mentioned, instinctive hunting behavior has profoundly traced the genes of some races. So genetics is a great indication of whether your dog is a good hunter.


setter cinsi köpek


If your mascot Yorkie, the Italian Pointer, Hunting Dog , Pointer, Setter, Retriever or Cocker Spaniel probably has a strong hunting instinct. Beagle, sausage dogs and Dalmatians
also have a strong tendency to hunt.


If your dog is crushing, you can examine the fur patterns to see if they have the features mentioned above. However, it is always easier to analyze its behavior.


Behavior of your dog


Any dog, regardless of breed, age and sex, may tend to hunt. Therefore, the best way to find out if your dog is a good hunter is to analyze his behavior.


Hunting dogs have a stronger sense of smell than other dogs . They are obsessed with sniffing everything around him and finding a possible prey . If your furry friend constantly sniffs the soil, plants, air or every corner of the house, this is a sign that he has the hunting instinct.


beagle cinsi köpek


Dogs with improved hunting behavior almost never raise their heads when walking. They gather all their senses in the soil, where their prey is usually hiding.


If your dog is a good hunter, he will focus on all the other animals around him. In extreme cases, he may try to escape to track birds, insects, or small rodents, lose control, and disobey the owner.


This is something that should not be encouraged in any dog, regardless of lack of control, size or breed. A dog who stubbornly tries to catch his prey is also a danger to other animals
and the people around him.









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