Is your dog Aggressive? It's not his fault


People say there are bad or aggressive pets. A pet is not bad because of its genetics or personality, but it can be because of its owner or upbringing. In this article, we will talk about why aggression in dogs is not their fault.

 Aggression and dogs

When a dog shows his teeth and barks with concern, this is a sign of aggression. This behavior causes problems not only for animals, but also for those around them.


People often say that certain races are aggressive, but this is controversial. Just because it belongs to a certain breed does not mean that the dog will attack or bite. Aggression in dogs is behavior towards others for the purpose of defense or attack. It may also be the sign of domination or fear .


Why do dogs tend to act aggressively?


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Many factors can be effective in dogs being aggressive. Some factors stem from the dog itself, while others stem from its relationship with humans .

 1. Health problems

If a dog has pain or is not feeling well, it can cause aggressive behavior. When dogs are hurt, broken bones, skin problems or feel weak, these behaviors can become habitual. They do not know that these symptoms are due to their physical condition, they think that those around them are harming them. It is quite normal for these aggressive behaviors to be found in harassed stray dogs .


If your pet becomes more aggressive, although there is no specific reason, we advise you to take it to the vet to see if it suffers from any illness or discomfort.


2.Social inability


In order for a 3 to 12 week old puppy to begin the socialization process, it is necessary to interact with other animals. This stage includes not only socializing with other dogs, but also people outside the family.


A social dog is healthier, more balanced and less aggressive. On the other hand, fear and stress that if a dog has never been to the park, has not met other dogs or is only with the same people, will most likely cause aggressive behavior in the dog. Therefore, it is very important to socialize dogs at an early age .


3. Poor education


If a dog is not properly trained and has no limits, he will probably be aggressive towards anyone approaching him, acting independently because he does not have an owner who orders him, and will put pressure on other animals with whom he plays or lives together. Poor training may be the result of over-pampering or human treatment of the animal instead of providing appropriate training to the animal.


On the other hand, hitting the dog, shouting at him exaggerated, and giving him excessive penalties may aggravate the dog’s aggression. Keeping the dog constantly tied, neglecting to give him food, or threatening him for any reason – all that can change an animal’s personality.


4th Maternity


Female dogs may exhibit aggressive behavior during childbirth and for several days after birth. They do not allow anyone they do not trust to touch or approach their offspring. This is an instinctive behavior, they want to constantly protect their offspring.


5. Regionalism


Some dogs may become aggressive when they see their leadership or land control in jeopardy. If an intruder invades his place or takes an object of his own, he will react by barking or snarling. You should consider this if you want to bring another pet home or expect a baby.


In this regard, it is a fact that some dogs can develop a sense of ownership of an object, a person, or another animal. If your dog has a toy, when you want to take it away from him, he will want to protect it with his claws and teeth. This applies to alpha males to puppies of dogs or someone under inde command, and if we want to approach them, they can behave aggressively.









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