Is your dog fat or weak?


If you do not know the ideal size and weight of a dog’s breed, it may also be difficult to tell whether that dog is fat or weak. So, today we’re going to give you some tips to tell you where your dog stands in the spectrum and what you can do to make sure your dog is healthy.


Nothing is too good at all; therefore if your dog is too fat or too weak, you should address the situation. Read the tips below to find out how many kilos your dog should weigh and what to do if it is not the ideal weight!


Fat or Weak: How do you know if your dog is at ideal weight?


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The weight of your dog may vary depending on the type , size , size , sex and age. However, living conditions are also important. For example, a dog living in a rural town would probably be better off than a dog living in a town.


Of course, this is not always true, and there are also fat town dogs and city dogs with the highest physical condition. So what exactly should pay attention to if your dog is fat or weak ? Continue reading!


Is your dog Fat or Weak?


Walking makes your dog weary


Even if your dog is having trouble walking, he may be a little overweight if he doesn’t do any exercise that day. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it’s a good idea not to ignore this possibility. Take your dog to a vet to make sure there are no breathing problems.

 Visible excess weight

Especially when the dog is walking, if you see the abdomen swaying, it is usually easy to notice excess weight in a dog’s body, as in humans . This is an obvious sign that your dog is overweight.


Whether your dog is fat or weak: Feeding


If you notice that your dog eats less, it is likely to lose weight. There is usually a reason that a dog may experience anorexia; So it’s best to take your dog to the vet to find out what’s going on.


If you notice a more severe and sudden change in your dog’s weight, you should always take your dog directly to the vet. You cannot afford to risk your dog’s health.


What to do if your dog is too fat or weak


If you have taken your dog to a vet and the vet tells you that there is no problem with your dog, there are some simple things you can do (or not do) to help your dog maintain her ideal weight .


If your dog is too fat



  • Change the feed pattern. If you have owned your dog while still a puppy and have always given him the same food, this could possibly be part of the problem.

  • Young dogs need more fat for their energy levels. Adult dogs do not need much of a fatty diet ; therefore, be sure to feed the animal with low-fat foods.

  • The only thing that should definitely be high in the diet of adult dogs is protein.

  • Exercise. How much and what kind of exercise they need depends on the sex, body and age. First, ask your vet what kind of exercises they should do. In the meantime, you can take your dog for walks or let them walk around a field or beach.

  • Do not give your dog more reward food . If you always reward your dog with treats, you should stop at least until you have reached your ideal weight.

  • Don’t let them walk around while you cook. Something falls on the ground when cooking, and dogs can catch and eat these falling foods immediately. Putting your dog in another room while eating can put an end to this problem.

  • Also, although it is very difficult to say no when your dog is looking at you with sad eyes, it is best not to be there.


If your dog is too weak


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If your dog is too weak, do not force him too much to eat. Because such behavior only causes more problems. It is best to talk to your veterinarian and have them help you develop a high calorie and nutritional diet.


This is the most successful way for your dog to return to ideal weight without consuming too much fat. Always take care of your dog. Because malnutrition is not the only thing that will cause a dog to lose weight.


For this reason, you should take health checks from time to time to ensure that your dog is healthy . So you don’t have to worry too much about your dog’s health.









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