Man Trying to Wear a Shock Collar


Shock leash or anti-bark leash is generally recommended for dogs barking too much. However, before a man put a shock collar on his dog, he decided to first try it on himself to see how it felt in the dog.


Man wearing a shock collar


WoodysGamertag, is a YouTube channel run by a man named Woody. Woody first began shooting himself playing video games, but then gradually expanded the channel’s content. Right now, he’s mostly broadcasting videos about what they do at home with his wife every day.


y Many of you know I have a Great Dane dog, Wood says Woody at the beginning of the video. “He is a magnificent creature of 9 or 10 months; but that is something you probably don’t know, which is very loud. He’s barking too much. ”


Thus, Woody bought a shock collar, but this leash was not one of the collars you should use as a remote control. This shock collar was a self-running collar any time a dog sensed vibration in his throat.


But before he put the collar on his dog, Woody decided to try it out to see what it was like. So after wearing this collar , he came across the camera and imitated the barking of a dog. Leash immediately started to work and shock him.


Every time the collar sent a shock, you could see the shock that passed through Woody’s body. Woody’s arms stretched, his feet struck the ground, and his face made involuntary expressions. Woody removed the collar and said, or It works. ” Orum I don’t want to bark any more. ”


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havlama tasması takılı köpek


Health problems caused by a shock collar


After about 4 or 5 shocks per minute, Woody decided to remove the collar. But if this leash had been on the dog, the animal would not have made that decision. First, he would have to associate his bark with the pain on his body. The problem is; Not all dogs can do that.


In addition, the consequences of wearing this collar for a dog will be more serious than that seen in a human. On the one hand, dogs wear them longer and receive more shock. Dogs, on the other hand, have smaller bodies than us, and electric shocks affect them more.


Woody is an adult man, probably weighing between 80 and 90 pounds. A great Dane dog puppy as big as possible can not be more than 90. Basically, Woody felt only half the pain intensity the puppy would feel.


Studies have shown that remote control or automatic shock collars have many negative consequences . In addition to causing muscle spasms, these shocks also affect the hormonal glands in the neck, such as the thyroid.


Electric shock can affect a dog’s immune system in various ways. Repeatedly activates stress mechanisms, blocks the production of serotonin (happiness hormone) and increases eye pressure, which can cause irreversible eye problems.


This is only the physical side of things. This also has many psychological consequences. For example, increased stress, confusion and lack of confidence in the dog’s family and himself . Shock often creates fear and anxiety. First of all, this fear can actually increase, rather than reduce a dog’s barking.


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Some effective alternatives


In the introduction of the video, Woody said, “Many people wonder how the collar works. It didn’t work very well, there was no change in behavior, ”he said. He also said that he had found a solution, but it was not a shock collar.


tutmak Our next step was to hire an instructor, Wood Woody said. “From now on, we actually learned that the animal needed more socialization . So, we took him to a day care center at a local doghouse so that he could spend time with other dogs. Besides, we started walking more with him. ”


Woody concludes, tüm All of this was far more successful than our experience with the shock collar. [ A dog makes a point to point out to us that it is impossible to solve behavior problems by treating only the symptoms .


In this case, the problem of behavior, barking is. If a dog has behavioral problems, such as barking, shredding, or attacking other people or animals, then there is another underlying problem .


This negative behavior is merely a sign of a problem. If you want to solve the animal’s behavioral problems, you must go down to the root of the problem. Punishing your dog for symptoms will not help.



You can watch the video and the rest of its content on Woody’s Youtube channel. We’re glad Woody has uploaded such a video because he’s giving us a valuable lesson here: The shock collar didn’t solve his dog’s problem. What his dog really needed was education and socialization.









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