Methods to Keep Your Dog Arriving


This can be very frustrating for you when you call your dog and he completely ignores you. Maybe you’ve tried everything to match your commands ; but you failed. So, in this article today, we’ve written some methods that will certainly work for you to keep your dog coming when you call .


In fact, there are many methods and tips on this issue. And although it’s not easy to teach some commands to an animal, with a little bit of patience and training, you can accomplish it too! At least we’ll help you.


Steps to Keep Your Dog Arriving When You Call


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If he does nothing but give you a side-by-side look when you call your dog, it may infuriate you. Here are some steps you need to follow to achieve this:


Practice with a leash first

 A collar with a rope that can extend and shorten for this exercise will help you. With this leash, your dog will have the chance to move away only a short distance; so you can teach him this command. It is very important that you have the right mindset: Your dog will not listen to you when you first call him . Be aware of this.

It will take some time to teach your dog this command. So prepare yourself to be very patient . Your dog will notice that you are unhappy or angry, and if you can’t be patient, you can get the opposite of what you want from your dog.


Start with short but regular sessions on the leash ; because animals can pay attention to a particular thing for a very short time. If your dog doesn’t show up the first time you call him, don’t be angry with him. Otherwise, they may misbehave during the subsequent trials of the exercise. After your dog says gel Come here çekin, pull the collar a little. So they will understand that they have to act.


Find a Suitable Place


In doing this exercise, your surrounding dog should be familiar and have as little [194590017] as possible to distract . This way, your dog can concentrate more easily on training. Also tell other members of your family that you are training your dog; so that they do not interfere in this process and distract the dog.


Work with them


Give your pet a command and do not stand there. Use your movements to make animals understand what’s easier. For example, say gel Come here ”and go back one or two steps. Your dog will naturally want to move towards you. Repeat this step several times. In the meantime, you give your dog time to establish a relationship between the word you say and the movement.


Use Your Hands


Hand gestures are something that dogs understand and can help them respond to commands. Point yourself to for the “Come” command. Make a welcome gesture or put your hands in front of yourself. Be sure to say the word “come en at the same time every time you make these movements. Thus, your dog can establish the connection between your command and the movement you make.


Look Back


Another way to make it easier for your dog to learn this command is to take a few steps away . In this way, your dog will follow you. Say “come erken on your way back and let your dog follow you.


Use Positive Enhancement


When your dog does not obey you, shouting at him will not take you a step further. However, if you award prizes to your small achievements, your dog associates this training with something positive and is more willing to obey you.


Increase Distance and Add Distractions


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Ultimately, what you want is to have your dog come to you every time you call . To achieve this, add more distractions to your dog’s training area. For example, you can go to a park. First, try whether your dog follows the command without moving – using the leash. If it does, try it again without a leash and see how your dog reacts. Remember not to go too far in the first few times.


What do you think of these tips? Does he come with you when you call your dog?









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