Mistakes in Dog Training


Usually, when people adopt a dog, they tend to rely on other dog owners’ advice on training. However, this does not mean that what he says is true. Here are some tips we hope to be useful to help you avoid mistakes, such as mistakes when training dogs.


What are the most common mistakes made when training dogs?


Scold him


Patience is a difficult virtue, but it is necessary when it comes to dog training. When your dog pisses you off (which happens in most people), you may want to shout or use force to train it.


With both animals and humans, positive reinforcement really proved to work, it was revealed that rebuke could have serious emotional consequences on your pet.


According to professional dog trainers, rebuke should not be used during dog training. You should use rewards instead, which is the key to positive reinforcement. This way you can train your dog with compassion and reward signs of obedience. These prizes can be biscuits, prize foods or an extra dose of love.


Suddenly trying to stop some behavior


Training a dog is a gradual process and your dog’s learning requires patience, just like in humans . Therefore, trying to stop a particular behavior suddenly without going through a gradual learning process may traumatize your dog. If you do, your dog will not learn the correct behavior.


eğitim alan köpek


Strict commands without prior training can cause anxiety and other problems for your dog, and may even result in aggressive behavior .


Using force


At the first moment a dog will not understand all the words or every command you say. So patience is really important when it comes to dog training. Using force to train your dog does not help you in any way, it even makes things worse.


Likewise, the same can be said if this force is accompanied by physical punishments such as spanking. It will not be an easy process, but compassion and tolerance will always give the best results.


Not giving clear commands


Animals should be educated in a simple way with short words and simple steps. Therefore, before you teach your dog complex commands like shaking hands or turning around, you should teach simpler commands such as sitting or waiting.


sahibi tarafından azarlanan köpek

Keep in mind that dogs can only connect single syllable words. So if you want to teach your dog to sit, you just have to say “sit down“.


Blaming your dog


Your dog seldom performs your commands seldom perfectly. There may be times when he doesn’t do what you want or at least doesn’t do what you teach him. It may be tempting to blame your dog and even yell at him or scold him.


Rather than resentment or criticism, failure should be the motivation to do better the next time. Your dog’s training depends entirely on your efforts. When something doesn’t go as planned, it’s not your dog’s fault, it’s yours. There is no dog that is not capable of learning, only owners who do not know how to train .


Therefore, if your dog does not understand you due to mistakes made when training your dog, it is your responsibility to correct them. Therefore, you should never let your dog out of frustration.


These are the most common mistakes made when training a dog. If you want to successfully train your dog, be careful not to make these mistakes. Patience, compassion and determination play an important role when it comes to educating a pet.









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