Mixing Dog Food Can Be Fatal For Your Pet


When our dogs are bored of dry food or ground food, most of us choose to mix it with meat or chicken. Or, we try to add a meal we’ve already cooked to add some difference to our pets’ diets. Did you know that mixing different dog food is really dangerous for your pet?


In this article we will explain how and why it is so dangerous to mix dog food. Of course, this is completely normal. And you may be doing it in good faith. However, we need to be aware of the possible consequences. The consequences of mixing foods can be very serious.


Why Shouldn’t We Mix Dog Food?


First of all, it is advisable to diversify by adding different alternatives to our dog’s food order. But to offer an alternative to food and to mix it are different events.


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To offer an alternative is to replace one thing with another. For example; If you give your dog dry food today and give chicken rice for tomorrow, this is an alternative. Applications like this are harmless. The real danger arises when we mix everything together instead of transforming it.


Let’s examine two different foods to understand the danger of mixing food. This will help explain why mixing dog food can kill your dog.


Dry Food or Ground Food


Prepared dry dog ​​food is produced by baking a dry mixture and shaping it in different molds.


Digestion and burning of energy is slow, so your dog does not need more than two meals a day. This type of food helps dogs stay full longer – it may take 8 to 10 hours for your dog’s digestive system to digest dry food or ground food.


Natural Food


Natural food is the animal or vegetable products that we humans eat. Unlike dry foods, natural foods are very easy to digest and the energy taken is burned much faster.


The Hazards of Mixed Foods


The greatest danger of mixing different foods is that they have different digestive processes . When we mix food, our dog cannot digest natural food in normal ways. This creates an accumulation of gas that can cause the animal to experience a condition called stomach torsion. This is because the digestion of natural foods is inhibited by the more digestible dry foods, the proper digestion.


Stomach torsion can end your pet’s life within a few hours if left untreated , so you should seek help from a good veterinarian when you notice symptoms.


How to tell if dogs have stomach torsion?


The behavior of your pet is the best indicator of gastric torsion. The most obvious symptoms are:



  • Weakness, constantly looking at his belly or on the ground.

  • Gagging, trying to vomit and not vomiting. – White foam may come out of the dog’s mouth when he tries to vomit.

  • An abdomen that produces a drum-like sound when gently tapped as a result of inflammation and accumulation of gas.

  • Abdominal pain and visible inflammation.


If you detect any of these symptoms, you should go to a vet without delay.


How do you know that your dog is bored with its food?


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If your dog seems bored of eating the same food all the time, you can try the alternative food method mentioned above. You can easily give natural food for one meal and dry food for the second meal.


You may also choose to give your pet a meal of 10% natural food and 90% dry food. As long as you stay true to this ratio, your food will not harm your dog.


However, this is dangerous if you mix natural food and dry food in equal proportions and prepare a mixture. If you have already prepared such a mixture, you should stop this method immediately for the health of your dog.


And above all, if you have a large dog, it is very important to pay attention to the symptoms of stomach torsion. Because large dogs are more likely to suffer from this condition, and unfortunately, this condition often becomes fatal.


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